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Who else’s favorite month is May? ✨😆 from my 2018 Nearly Naked calendar ✨💞 #hairbraqueen


My real birthday celebrations are this weekend! 🎂 Starting off Friday at @ohmnightclubla 🥂 Come hang out with me and my squad! It’s going to be lit 🔥


Good Morning 🌼 @devindelsanto_ph


Who’s ready for a summer of adventure? ☀️ I am so excited for the heat and the fun! Aside from my regular diet and workouts, my Opti-Greens 50 has been an integral part of my health regimen. It helps me feel okay about getting the adequate veggies and nutrients I need to look and feel my best while I’m busy (or busy celebrating like this week) haha. @Emilysears and I love putting it in a shake or with some water to sip on throughout the day 🧘🏼‍♀️ check it out at today :)


Thank you for the birthday love! I’m so happy 😌✨👽 and thank you @revolve for a fun beginning to my week #revolvearoundtheworld #ad dress @itsnbd photo @austinroque


birthday suit on my birthday 🎂




Uno mas.


winning teddy bears for Tosh per usual 🐶🎟️ #dogmomduties in @loversfriendsla @revolve #SantaMonica #ad #revolvearoundtheworld


Hiking with the #phamily ❤️ When I started working with @1stphorm a year ago, I was so impressed with everyone on the team. In life (and especially LA) there are a lot of potential friends you can have who seem to have the worst priorities or intentions. Every person chosen to represent @1stphorm by @andyfrisella is someone with qualities I look up to. Like @ariannyceleste @emilysears have honesty, ambition and confidence to name a few. They say you are the company you keep. If that’s true I have a lot to be proud of :)


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