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I’m never going get anything done ever again. 💕 #kittenlove


Often lately I have been feeling as though I’m pushing as hard as I can, all efforts engaged {physical, mental, emotional} trying to move forward, realizing that I’m merely moving sideways.
I’ve been reading Swell by @captainlizclark
One of the biggest gifts to my aching heart and mind right now. Her words are helping me to see that moving sideways isn’t the same as moving backwards. It isn’t the same as being stagnant. It’s just an indication that maybe I need to let go of what I define as forward. And allow the wind to take the wheel.


In case of emergency, please bring me back to this specific part of the world to re-open my heart. It never fails. For better or for worse. .
Sometimes it hurts, this heart of mine. And I find myself working really hard to try and make sure it wont. I set rules, I try to control, I keep it under lock and key thinking it’s best to keep it protected. This weekend was my reminder that I cannot survive this way. That 23 years ago I made the choice to feel my feelings, every single one of them, and that one day at a time I continue to choose to feel. Sometimes I forget. I need reminders like these. To stay willing. To keep cracking this heart open and to let the light and the dark in. Both are welcome. Both are Love. For better or for worse.
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Another post-market day gratitude post. 😊 Thank you @abramsclaghorn and for putting on a great event yesterday. Great community vibes, new friends and connections made, sweet live music and whoever was doing the face painting was on point! 😍 This “second career” I have found myself in is oftentimes exhausting between being a mom and a full time teacher. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. Days like yesterday remind me... Yes. Yes, it is. 🙏🏾🌈✨🌷
(Also still crushing on my new little sew-in tags. They have a feather on the back. 🙌🏽)


In all of the years I’ve had a love affair with these particular flowers, I never thought to plant them. Sometimes we see things with new eyes. If we are lucky. .
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the hardworking mamas I know and to those who struggle with mothering issues of all kinds. This holiday used to be a landmine filled with expectations of myself and of others, self-pity, self importance, resentment of all kinds, especially at whomever invented Mother’s Day to begin with, etc. Today I’m grateful that I’m grateful. It’s a choice. And you know what? Beautiful things start appearing when gratitude is embodied. Like these peonies. And like the sweet collection of gifts and flowers I came home to this morning from my girl. And like messages from beautiful people in my life today. .
If you read this and you are finding yourself in an emotional landmine today, you’re not alone. Tap into your inner mom (we all have one) and give your sweet self some love today from the inside out. I’ll be over here remembering to be counting my blessings while also giving myself the green light to feel my feelings while simultaneously researching how to grow peonies as an act of self love. 😉💕💞💗🤗
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This Saturday! 🌈🌷☀️


Gratefully exhausted after a beautiful spring market day. Thank you @makersmarket @millvalleylumberyard 🙏🏾☀️🌷
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deep breath.
home. ✨


Surrender. ::
There is freedom beyond the whitewater.
And above the clouds.
It’s the going through that takes:
More surrender than courage.
More letting go than solving.
More faith than power.
More prayer than attachment.
More love than strength.
More heart than mind.
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