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Day 19 of #marchmeetthemaker is #whaticantlivewithout. My family and friend. And especially this little man. My nephew. I adore him. Every second spent with him is a joy. Also flowers, coffe, cheese, gin and laughter lots and lots of laughter 😁


Day 18 of #marchmeetthemaker is #inspiration. All my inspiration comes from the beautiful materials I get to work with, produced by Mother Nature herself. Each roses, peonie, orchid is hand crafted by her. The change in season inspires me, texture, colour. At the moment any ferns, foliage’s and green is rocking my boat.


Day 17 of #marchmeetthemaker is #customersandfeedback. I develop a close relationship with many of my customers. A lot of the time I’m working with them on very special, important and significant times in their lives. Weddings, births, funerals. I look to always be enthusiastic, creative, sensitive to make their experience the best it can be. I get so many beautiful thank you cards, for which I am so greatful.


Well today Hannah’s bouquet stole our hearts. 💕


Day 16 of #marchmeetthemaker is #helper. Well in my case helpers!! Couldn’t do it without my team. There are many more people that help and support me but these are my main gals @mrsamyrobinson @loobilu, Debs, Julie and my mum and auntie B-boo!


Day 15 of #marchmeetthemaker is #boomerang. I know I need to do more of these but they don’t really float my boat. Anyway here is one.


Day 14 of #marchmeetthemaker is #dreams and #plans. My dreams and plans change and move with how I’m feeling daily. I just want to keep creating, and enjoying life. As long as my hands have flowers to play with I’ll be happy. An ever changing medium keeps me vibrant and alive.


Day 13 of #marchmeetthemaker is #workclothes. Simple as long as it includes my denim apron and a pair of docs I’m happy and ready to work.


Day 12 of #marchmeetthemaker is #postageandpackaging. Packaging wise I use brown or grey craft paper and a beautiful ribbon or if a hand tie is required to be in water we use cellophane to create the aqua pack and then it’s placed in a cardboard box. I tried to keep plastic use to a minimum. We don’t post flowers. We have tried but had to many disaster.


Day 11 of #marchmeetthemaker is #branding (yahoo I’ve caught up) This is our new branding, we love it. It’s captured my love of colour perfectly.


Day 10 of #marchmeetthemaker is #relaxation. Not something I’m very good at. I feel guilty or lazy if I relax. I think of all the things I could be doing. But when I do sit it’s here in my lounge with the fire lit. In summer it’s in my kitchen with the doors open to my tiny garden jam packed full of pots over flowing with plants.


Day 9 of #marchmeetthemaker #howitsmade. Sorry I’m lagging behind. But it’s Mother’s Day weekend and I am a florist. So a short video of how to make a hand tie.