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↟ Sharing the love & adventures of Golden retrievers Lizzie and little sis Ally #LizzieandAlly

Muddy paws don’t care! #lifeisgood❤️ #LizzieandAlly


Ice cold water wasn’t going to stop Ally from going right in! Winter is finally over and the swimming season has begun! 😂💦 Do your dogs like the water?


When it’s Monday morning but you just can’t


Happy earth day! We celebrated by going for a dip in ice cold water! 🙈💦 Check out our stories for more!
Fun fact: Lizzie doesn’t like to venture out into deep water. She’ll only go in as far as she can touch the bottom. Ally on the other hand is a true retriever and can swim with ease!
#WHP🌲 #earthday2018


Who’s a good girl? Lizzie is sitting pretty and waiting for her breakfast 😍 Swipe to see what the girls are having this morning! #sponsored #bigcountryraw @bigcountryraw #rawfed
Lizzie and Ally eat a raw food diet from @BigCountryRaw and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s so easy too: just thaw and serve! They use locally sourced and human-grade (free of hormones and antibiotics) ingredients.

This morning the girls are having Lamb Dinner, raw fermented goat milk, Thrive mineral boost supplement, Thrive joint support, Thrive herring oil, lake smelt 🐟 bone broth, blueberries and spinach. .
Check out their page and website to learn more about how a raw diet could be a healthy choice for your pet.


The look you give your mom when it takes too long to get the shot 🙄 #IHaventGotAllDay #WheresMyTreat
Did you see our stories? The girls went for a dip in freezing cold water today! 😬🙈


Dreaming of warmer days and sunshine ☀️ Check our stories for more snuggles!
🧡 Thank you to those who took part in the Go Orange Campaign #iorangeforanimals and went the extra mile to make a post and shared links for donations or petitions. Your entries were beautiful, creative, and fun. A big thanks as well to the sponsors below!

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Just another Spring day in Ottawa ☔️🐐 #WHPwildthing .
Raincoat #gifted from @canadapooch


When you find out it’s Monday and there’s freezing rain outside 😒 Anyone else having crazy bad weather?
#WhereIsSpring #WHPwildthing


There’s no sweet snuggles happening this morning. I call this the cheek bite head grip! This must be their version of a love bite 🙈😂 #theyloveeachother #WHPwildthing


Anyone who has 2 or more pets will appreciate how hard it can be to capture them together. This shot captures them perfectly though: Lizzie is a pleaser and Ally is just a happy-go-lucky-girl! Cheers to that 🐾😂 #WHPwildthing


Ball is life 👊🏼🎾
Can you tell who this ball obsessed girl is? (Hint: look at the colour of her nose 😉)


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