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sarahah links in my bio, go ask me stuff 💛


i’m boutta cry kause my man sleeping and i miss his ass :(


kms :(


wow smh can i be this pretty again? fml


shit just can never go right can it ?


soooo today’s our 1 year anniversary and i wanted to post something and i really like this pic but i had to draw the mask kause if not he would’ve kilt me💀 buuut i hope he doesn’t get mad at me for posting this pic💀 i just wanted to say happy anniversary baby, i know i already said it but i wanted to post it, i hate the fact that i have to be at work instead of spending the day with you and blakey. i wanted to say thank you, for saving me, just like you’ve saved so many others, if it wasn’t for you i probably wouldn’t be here rn, and thank you for always trying to cheer me up and making me so happy even tho sometimes you drive me crazy and wanna kill you but i love you. i’m so proud of you, i’ve watched you build the family up from nothing and grow as a person and as an artist. i love you, happy anniversary 🖤🤧 (guys please don’t use this pic this was only supposed to be for me 😭)


i’m done stressing over shit kause ima end up crazier and more fucked up than i already am. ima let things go with the flow, whatever happens, happens.


someone pls fucking kill me


💔 rip peep


where do y’all think i’m from ? (ethnicity wise)


sweet release of death