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A heartfelt congratulations to my fab friend and amazing photographer/journalist @nancyandrews for being named one of the 2018 Alicia Patterson Fellowship winners🎉Photo by @dddetroit


Photo by @ljohnphoto. Cannabis is a lifesaver for this family. Mom, Shannan and her sons, Joseph, 9, and Oliver, 7, have each been helped by the plant as true medicine used in combination with mainstream medicine. It is a cancer / pain fighting ally for Shannan, a calming medicine for Joseph who is on the autistic spectrum and fights severe anxieties, and Oliver who uses the oil to control seizures and shrink the multiple malignant tumors that cause them. @natgeo @thephotosociety #cannabis #cannabisismedicine #teamsuperbean #joeysalphabetsoup


Maddie is 5 years old. As with most children with Zellweger Syndrome, she was not supposed to see her second birthday. Maddie’s parents are vocal advocates for Cannabis as Medicine in many forms. It has kept their daughter pain free and in their lives. Maddie is receiving a massage with cannabis infused oil. @natgeo @thephotosociety #cannabis #madelineswholeplantjourney


Everyone interested in great humanistic Photography!!! Please check out the work of @callakessler in this Sunday’s Palm Beach Post. #photography #healthcareforall


At the theatre with the selfie generation.


So inspiring to be with the students and colleagues at Fall Workshop 17 / Syracuse University keeping thoughtful visual communication alive. #tfw17


Thinking of my colleague @bradzerivitz Safe travels.


Still in Las Vegas wondering if our lives of increasing disconnection have an impact on such acts of violence. Working on a story for @natgeo about the Science of "Good & Evil" @ljohnphoto @thephotosociety


How can it be that yet another person has killed dozens of innocent people and we are STILL NOT IN THE STREETS PROTESTING? Are we numb? Are we satisfied with flowers and candles and selfies? Are we locked in an abusive relationship-constantly going back for more violence because we don't believe we deserve personal safety and respect? What will it take to move us ALL to action? @ljohnphoto on assignment for @natgeo @thephotosociety #lasvegas


Was recently on assignment with @melburford when a brave young person gave us a copy of The Cambodia Daily. It was precious because it was the last. The government had just shut it down silencing the only independent voice in the country. This is a reminder of how we must all fight for a free, balanced press in every possible way.
@ljohnphoto #freespeech


Dignity on an airport prayer mat.


Mystery woman and unique soul.