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• weekend • vibes! Enjoy your weekend friends! We will be rolling out the final photos next week from our Farmhouse shoot! Stay tuned! ✨


• good morning • friends! Today’s the day! We are shooting our Huntington Beach Farmhouse project! Follow our stories today for before photos and some behind the scenes! ✨


• final • finishes for our Cypress Kitchen / Great Room reno and this palate is so tonal and textured with such a pretty feel, this kitchen is going to be a new favorite i have a feeling (but then again i think i say that every time...sorry not sorry i love them all!) ✨


• patten • at its finest! Our upcoming Long Beach Kitchen Reno is rolling and this delivery of tile started the week on perfect note!


• vintage • this range gave us all the feels in our recent Long Beach vintage kitchen Reno ... this fresh faced beauty will always be a favorite in our book!


• weekend • recharged and ready for a new week ahead! We are kicking off 2 new projects this week! Stay tuned! Happy weekend friends! ✨


• framing • little by little this home is transforming before our eyes... today we finished a final framing and electrical meeting at our Laguna Niguel project! Swipe 👉🏼 to see the what this master used to look like....we now have an enclosed toilet room and a big beautiful walk in shower coming to life!


• cohesive • making sure our Farmhouse project in Huntington has the perfect balance of grays on the shower floor! With natural stone you never know the range your going to get on each mesh, so blue taping to make sure the floor mosaic turns out perfect with @keynotebuilders


• organic • modern is up next with demo next week! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a stunner like this. White oak floors and a major kitchen transformation in this Long Beach home! 🏴🏳️


• summer • is here and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming up! This floor and cabinetry color is a favorite of ours from our recently completed Long Beach vintage home! Enjoy your weekend friends!


• progress • at our Farmhouse project in Huntington Beach. This full home Reno is in its final few weeks! We can’t wait to show you the final result! In the meantime can we stop and appreciate this hood detail! ✨


• waterfall • perfection from our recently completed full home reno in Redwood City, CA! And @merlinocco enjoying his new home!