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Flamingo Season | Photograph by Teong Lin Ng (@nkteong)
Every year, Kenya's Lake Bogoria receives an influx of tourists between late August and early October. But the visitors aren't people—they're flamingos. Hundreds of thousands of lesser flamingos flock to the low waters of Lake Bogoria before the rainy season begins. During that period, the area is home to the largest flock of lesser flamingos in the world.

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Photo by @renan_ozturk
An unexpected finish.
After a 24 push of painting on the ridge I had run out of food and the weather window to see the features of the mountains. In order to keep painting in these types of scenarios, I use the photos I take on my phone or from time-lapses to still study the features inside the safety of a tent. In this case I retreated back to the Khumjung, with the canvas soaked through from the precipitation it had endured. After a short dry out session in the tea house, I brought it out into the center of town and the unexpected happened as the Ed Hillary school released the gates of Sherpa and other Nepali children into the square. Not only had the landscape put its print on the art but now I had about 30 eager hands making their own marks on the canvas. Quite the unexpected finish to the piece. I plan on donating the final art to the school! #nepal #khumbu #nepaliloveyou #art Shot with @jetbutterflies @climber.abiral ~

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Paris ✨💖💖💖✨ Picture by ✨✨@marcel_van_luit✨✨
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Paris, France

Video by @riepoyonn
Canele and Amelie (@riepoyonn) have gotten the memo: getting out of bed on the weekend is highly overrated. Watch our story now to see these two sweet cats at home in Japan.


Blue hour // stopping by @chase Sapphire on Main as the snow starts to fall on Park City ☃️ #ChasePartner #SapphireOnLocation #SapphireInsider

Sundance Film Festival

Photo by @jonathan_irish / More dreamscapes from Antarctica. It’s scenes like this...coming around a bend and seeing this awesomeness....that make a trip to the Great White Continent so memorable. Even though a view like this is not all that uncommon in Antarctica, If I didn’t see it (and take the photo) with my own eyes, I might not believe it is a real scene. On a side note, I think these two Adelie penguins must be in a lovers quarrel...they don’t look like they are on squawking terms. Follow me @jonathan_irish for more images like this and around the world.


Photo by @renaeffendiphoto: A village well in Rasnol, Gujarat, India where the Self-Employed Women's Association, a Gandhian trade union, has taken root. #india #workingwomen


“May this year be a good one full of new adventures” writes @r5er_marley


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