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Meaning: keep your face up, but never look down on others. 📷 ‘La Basket’ by @jmwestonofficial shot by @giascobertoli for @lofficielhommes. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #jmweston


Join us, @lofficielart and the @centrepompidou this Sunday, May 20 at the Forum -1 as we question the legacy of #Mai68 — how do contemporary artists embrace the 🇫🇷 revolutionary movement using today’s methods, both aesthetically and meaning-wise? Tap the link in bio to learn more. #lofficiel #lofficielart #revolution


Patience is key, working hard is a must! On your way to success, arm yourself with these sleek two-toned @churchs loafers, 🇬🇧 reference in shoe-making. 📷 by @giascobertoli. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #Churchs #mensstyle


These men embody a new definition of activism. Their profession goes from being a designer, model, singer, to being an influencer... All together they inspire us to think about how we can make a positive impact, how we can fight for a cause dear to our heart on a regular basis. Tune into lofficiel.com to watch the full video and find our fashion serie starring these inspiring minds in @lofficielhommes’ current issue. Special thanks to: @felixradford, @paulsculfor, @koen_pf, @joshcuthbert, @spencerphipps, #BarnyLee. 📷 by @nikhartleyphoto, styling by @james_sleaford. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #activism


Look up but stay grounded with these elegant @melvinandhamilton derbys in woven calf leather, the perfect addition to a summer-y silhouette. 📷 by @giascobertoli. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #mymnhet #wewearmnh


Who better than @joshcuthbert to share the good and negative aspects of social media? The @xfactorglobal ex-candidate and music band @unionjworld leader has proved to be an expert in digital influence — he uses his experience to warn his community about social pressure, reminding everyone that there’s no such thing as living the present #IRL. Tune into lofficiel.com to learn more. 📷 by @nikhartleyphoto, styled by @james_sleaford in @gucci and @albumparis_official. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #liveauthentic #nofilter


Sometimes the streets remind you how important it is to step out of your comfort zone. And who better than @timberland_eu to take you on new adventures? 📷 by @giascobertoli, styled by @romainvallos. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #BradStreet #letsflex


Influenced by their Australian roots, country of the “well-beings”, @koen_pf and his brother came up with @lastpick.ac, an organization meant to inspire and teach the young generation the power of sports, especially through running. Learn more by tuning into the #hommes section on lofficiel.com. 📷 by @nikhartleyphoto, styled by @james_sleaford in @versace and @americanvintage_officiel. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #activist


Taking it to the streets with these exotic @havaianaseurope espadrilles. Who said you had to leave the city to feel some vacation vibes? 📷 by @giascobertoli, styling by @romainvallos. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #havaianasmoment


Co-founder of premium men’s accessories label @passavantandlee and activist, Barny Lee balances his time between his craft and his commitment to London-based youth and community charity @regenerateuk, supporting and helping socially challenged young adults. Find out more about his story by tuning into the #hommes tab on lofficiel.com. 📷 by @nikhartleyphoto, styled by @james_sleaford in @ysl. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #BarnyLee #activist


Taking it to the streets with these hybrid @berluti sneakers. The iconic house embraces the running-shoe trend, but not without a sophisticated twist specific to #Berluti’s core DNA. The streets are yours. 📷 by @giascobertoli, styling by @romainvallos. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes


We got to catch up with music producer, composer and DJ @diplo and ask him about his upcoming projects, his latest #California EP and much more 💦 Tap the link in bio to unlock his exclusive playlist for @lofficielhommes and tune into lofficiel.com to read more. #lofficiel #lofficielhommes #diplo


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