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yes that’s a santa hat


WoAh, NoT SoRrY fLeXeD OuT WiTh My PoSsy ❗️❗️❗️#bitconnect

Malco Hollywood Cinema - Jonesboro

i miss summer


Man I sure was cool back then... #peepcooperintheback


R.I.P. Granny Scott. God gained an angel in heaven this morning. I wasn’t here to live a lot of her life with her but in the short time I spent with her I never made a bad memory. There’s no one in this world who could say a bad word about her. She always wanted to spoil her grandbabies. I remember being little when we were told to leave her alone to rest and we would sneak in her room at Papaw and Gammaw’s house to watch tv and eat candy. A lot of you know I also lost my Papaw Low recently. It sucks how short and fragile life is, and the losses I’ve had have taught me to forgive and love everyone. I love you Papaw and Granny. See you again someday ❤️


egdir melas


makin memories while we can


ayo where's the beach??? #lovintheweather


The last 5 months of my life were crazy.... here's some of it.


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