Loki, Bear, & Momo@lokistagram

First came Loki 🦁 (and Ham 🐹), then came Bear 🐻 and Momo 🐢


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Loki, Bear, & Momo

Sorry this bed is taken, can u sleep on the floor? 🐻🐢🦊
Dino is meeting a potential adopter today. Wish him luck! ❀️


Loki, Bear, & Momo

We used to go canoeing with Loki at the end of each summer. We were always hesitant to bring him along since he would spend the whole time barking at the ducks and geese on the lake πŸ˜†. We’re glad we never went without him β™₯ #tbt #LokiForever


Loki, Bear, & Momo

Sorry BearBear, it’s for your own good πŸ™


Loki, Bear, & Momo

Employee of the month πŸ€“


Loki, Bear, & Momo

Dance! It's Friday! 🐢🐻


Loki, Bear, & Momo

U can stand under my um-Bear-ella 🎡
Dino (our new foster dog) is adjusting well to life with Bear and Momo. They have a weird bro triangle going on - Bear likes to be with Momo, Momo likes to be with Dino, while Dino likes to be with Bear! 🀣


Loki, Bear, & Momo

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Loki, Bear, & Momo

Meet our new foster pup, Dino! He's a little Corgi who had a rough start in life. He likes to eat, sleep, and sploot around the house!
Momo likes to follow Dino around, whereas Bear is still a little shy with him. It shouldn't be long before they all become good friends ❀️


Loki, Bear, & Momo

Always trying to get noticed β™₯ #tbt #LokiForever


Loki, Bear, & Momo

Side-by-side side-tongues πŸ‘…πŸ‘…


Loki, Bear, & Momo

Going for a little dip πŸ’§ Who wants to join us?


Loki, Bear, & Momo

Slo mo bros πŸΆπŸ»πŸ’¨
When we started fostering Momo last year, he was barely able to walk. Today, he runs even faster than Bear. So proud of him 😭