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Bear and Momo will get plenty of treats this Halloween thanks to the @furbodogcamera! It allows us to see, talk to, and treat them from our phones wherever we go!
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A teddy bear + a polar bear


Bear couldn't be happier about getting a little brother. Momo follows him around everywhere and he doesn't mind one bit! They also love playing with each other. It's very endearing, but sometimes they do it early in the morning, waking us up! 😂😭
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If you haven't heard yet, we recently adopted this guy - Momo! 🐶
Momo first came to us as a foster dog. He had been abused and abandoned by his former owner, which caused him to be partially paralyzed and very underweight when we took him in. Thankfully, after much love and care (and rehab with his therapist, Bear), he eventually regained the ability to walk and even run!
We never expected to adopt another dog so soon after adopting Bear, but we just developed such a strong bond with Momo while helping him overcome his disability. Thank you all for welcoming him with such open arms!


Say hello to Momo (formerly Jasper), the newest member of our family! 🙂


Mighty Loki 🦁 #tbt #LokiForever


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Head in the clouds ☁️


Fall is in the air 🍁


It is with great sadness that we let you all know about the passing of our sweet Ham Ham. She was getting old and it was sadly her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge.
Ham Ham lived a very full life as far as hamsters go. She was a fearless explorer and a masterful escape artist (we had to play hide and seek with her for real on multiple occasions). She had the gentlest soul, which is why she got along so well with Loki.
Ham Ham will forever be Loki's BFF (best furry friend) and a queen in our eyes. We miss her very much, but we know that she is with Loki now. ♥️ #LokiAndHamForever