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Loretta Bates

Life isn’t about what you produce, but who you become.
We live in a society driven by productivity. “What have you done for me lately” mentality. This makes us push the envelope and ignore things we KNOW to be important because we feel as if we are constantly faking short. We compare our productivity to those around us. The family man struggles to keep up with the young single guy who can spend all of his time working, neglecting those he loves most.
But is that what we really want? To come to the end of our lives with plaques and trophies for “top seller,” “highest gains,” on our shelf, but an empty room because we have neglected those we love? Or come to this point way too early in our lives because we have neglected ourselves? Of course, productivity and results are important, but they are not the end all be all. This thing called life is a journey of growth, improvement, joy, enjoyment...for us! If we spend all of our time on productivity, we will have no time for progress. Progress and personal growth comes in the margins. Relationship happens in the margins. We need margins.
Margins are time to relax. Time to read. Time to do something we enjoy. Time to spend with those we love. Time to cook a meal. Life happens in the margins. We become who we are in the margins. And if we take time to truly live life, then e don’t have to worry about the productivity of our neighbor, because we will have something more valuable than productivity... Life Experience.
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Loretta Bates

Happy Birthday to this Colombian QUEEN! One of the most beautiful people inside and out, she inspires me to be a better woman! Love you so much my sister! Te quiero mucho hermana! Espero verte pronto! @vickyzagarra #happybirthday #vickyzagarra #zumba #sisters #zumbacruise


Loretta Bates

I believe that as HUMAN BEINGS, there is a level of fulfillment, a level of joy that can only come when we do things for others, and not for ourselves. There are so many moments in our lives that are about us. What we want, what we want to achieve, what we want to do, what we like...and then we take selfies doing it. But when we step outside of ourselves and think about others, something magical happens. It no longer is just about ME, but about WE. Our story becomes interwoven with those around us, and creates a beautiful tapestry that otherwise would never exist. I have no words to describe this weekend! Thank you to the team @augiesquest for allowing me the pleasure of joining the quest to change the experience of those living with ALS. Thank you to @zumba for allowing me to represent this brand that I love, and thank you to @augienieto and @lynnenieto for inspiring me beyond words (and Augie for starting and being the first and only official member of my board!) what a magical night! @skshryne @angelcc559 @zumbatradeshows @albertoperlman @jillians14 @joyprouty1 @preacherlawson Thank you to @bestudios_sd for the beautiful memories of that night!📸


Loretta Bates

Happy Birthday to the guy who started it all! Thank you for creating a program that has changed so many lives around the world and revolutionized the fitness industry! We all love you and celebrate you today! @zumbabeto


Loretta Bates

San Diego! So excited to come and dance with you this week at the IHRSA Convention and Tradeshow! So excited to be dancing with my friends and colleagues @marciebenavides @djfrancis305 @elizastoneb and more!!! You can get a free expo pass and come by the booth and dance and hang out! We’ll see you there Thursday and Friday! And Friday night, I am so honored to be hosting the 14th annual Bash for Augies’s Quest featuring @preacherlawson and @sheleamusic to raise money to help end ALS! You can help by heading to https://www.classy.org/event/bash-2019/e190885 to donate! #sandiego #ihrsa #zumba #zumbafitness #tradeshow @zumbatradeshows @augiesquest #augiesquest flyer by @reajxplass


Loretta Bates

13 Days, 2hours, 18 min, and 37 seconds until I get to go on the Best Vacation Ever with YOU! The Zumba Cruise is coming! Have you signed up for your classes? I will be teaching classes with the amazing Armando Salcedo @arman305, the one and only Gina Grant @g2dance, the smooth Mario Gutierrez @zumba.mario, the dynamic duo of Benjamin @benjaminzj and Rodrigo @rodrigoangellozj , and they’ve just added a class with Kass Martin @kassmartin, Gina Grant, and myself! How lucky am I to dance with these incredible instructors, and WE cannot WAIT to dance with YOU! Sea, Sun and Salsa...here we come! #ZUMBA #ZUMBAFITNESS #ZUMBACRUISE #CRUISE #DANCE #FITNESS #FUN #FITNESSCRUISE #BESTVACATIONEVER #CANTWAIT


Loretta Bates

What is a woman?

How is it possible to describe her?

A woman

She is a mother, she is a daughter, she is a sister, she is a lover, she is a friend.

She captivates, she illuminates, never gives up, not even when it seems like the end.

She fascinates, rejuvenates, perplexes, and cannot be defined.
She accentuates, ameliorates all she touches, all she finds.

She is beautiful, she will draw you in, but internally she will blow your mind.
She is a flower, she is a queen, she is a warrior who fights for all she loves with a fierceness you have never seen.

She gives birth to dreams, visions, masterpieces and everyone you see.

She is the pinnacle of creation, another like her there will never be.

How would you describe her?

Happy Women’s Day to all of the women across the globe!
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Loretta Bates

Five things about me you didn’t know.

With the advent of social media, we can often feel so close to a person through watching their daily lives. We can feel like we know them, even if we don’t really. So I want to get to know you a little better! I’m going to tell you five things about you didn’t know, and I want to hear something about you that I don’t know!

Hi! My name is Loretta, and I... 1. I don’t like chocolate😳. I know, I know...I’m not a real human being...but it’s true, I just don’t like how it tastes, or even smells! I usually speed past the Godiva store in the mall to get away from the smell! And not even chocolate flavored things, like cake or ice cream...Yuck!

2. My favorite color is White. Ok, don’t want to hear the argument that white is the absence of color, blah blah blah...,when someone asks you what color shirt you are wearing, you don’t say...the absence of color one... you say white! Crayons says it’s a color, just saying.

3. I was an exchange student my junior year of high school in France. This is why I speak French, and also where my intense love for languages and other cultures comes from. When you are an exchange student you are completely immersed in a different culture and have to learn how to adjust and work together and live people who are not like you. I will forever be grateful for this experience.
4. I’m a big sports fan! Especially college basketball! It’s kind of tough in the Zumba world, because no one really follows sports (except during World Cup time) so I am often alone in my passion and excitement...especially for March Madness which is starting soon!!🏀 5. I love photography and video editing. I much prefer to be behind the camera! Photography for me captures a moment in this beautiful life, and freezes it there (my favorite photographer is Ansel Adams) And I love editing,especially finding the right song to go with the mood of a video I’m working on! People ask me all the time who does my content on my social media platforms! ME!
Ok, your turn! Tell me something about you that would help break through this digital world, and help me get to know you better!
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Loretta Bates

Question for instructors: are you coaching in your classes?In honor of Carnaval happening now, I’m throwing it back to the @nike China Conference in Shanghai, China with Erupt, a Soca by the one and only king of soca @machelmontano! This song (as well as a lot of Socas) is super high energy! As the instructor, you are giving 120% of your energy while you are teaching. There is no way to maintain that energy level for the entire class...especially when you are teaching everyday, or multiple times in a day.
Solution: coaching.
What is coaching? When you start the move at high energy then let them continue the step while you walk around encouraging them (while simultaneously picking up your lungs off of the floor)! This gives you a break, allows you to breathe, but also connect with your participants. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when coaching... 1. Don’t coach at the beginning of the song, you have to wait until they have repeated the step enough times to be able to do it on their own.

2. Don’t leave them hanging when the step changes. Before the step changes, go back to front and center and show them what’s next.
3. Walk around. If you are on a stage walk around to get as close to them as possible, or if you are not on a stage walk around amongst them. This causes them to push harder. They are completely comfortable giving half of their energy while you are in the front, but when you are right beside them they step up the intensity!

Remember, if you are teaching more than 3-4 times a week, you’re not there to work out! You’re there to work! As instructors we have to make sure to take care and protect our bodies, and not overtrain. Learning how to coach effectively will be more beneficial for your body, and also for theirs! @nikehkg


Loretta Bates

CONVICTION: not usually a word we want to hear. But if we look at it a different way, we realize, we need it. Desperately. Without it, we don’t grow. “What do you mean?” Growth is not easy, it’s difficult...hence the term “growing pains”. People don’t continue to do things that are difficult or arduous without being convinced that it is good for them in some way! This is conviction. It is what gets us up out of our warm beds in the morning to go and exercise. It is what keeps us faithful to our partner when someone rolls up and says we’re beautiful. It’s what keeps us paying for those cute shoes in the store instead of just walking out with them.
It is what keeps us doing the right thing day after day, because even though we may not see it today, we know one day, it WILL be worth it.
This is hope. And hope does not disappoint. So don’t be scared of your convictions! Celebrate them, write them down, so they can become even more clear. What is it that you believe in? What is it you refuse to comprise on? What is it you will not give up on? Then, live your life based on these...not how you feel at the moment, what others say, or what society dictates. This is how we grow into who and what we are truly meant to be.
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Loretta Bates

Today is Saturday.

Today we get to do something good for our body.

Today we get to be with our girls.

Today we get to let loose.

Today we get to find our inner sexy.

Today we get to sweat.

Today we don’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks about us.

Today we get to be free.
Today we get to go to Zumba®️ Class.
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Loretta Bates

You cannot believe yourself, you are a liar... When it comes to you!

Have you ever taught a class and thought, that was the absolute WORST class ever! You’re embarrassed to even be there, and just want to hurry, pack up and leave to get to the safe sanctuary of your car where you can hide...then, you get a tap on the shoulder...”That was such an amazing class, I really appreciate you.” And you mouth says, “Thank you so much,” but your mind says:


Truth is, you’re both right. How can this be possible? How can there be such differing opinions about the SAME class?

Because your units of measurement are different.
To us, a good class is measured by: -Did I mess up?
-Was the music loud enough?
-Did I have good energy?
-Did I slay that new song?

For them, a good class is measured by: -She smiled at me in class...I think she likes me.
-I finally nailed that step that I’ve been trying to get for a while. -I feel so good about myself when I dance with her. -She makes me feel like I can do it!

Completely different units of measurement. A good class is more about sharing and imparting who you are (the joy, freedom, and love that you have experienced) than about nailing the steps perfectly. You being free gives permission for those around you to do the same. So next time you are tempted to think that you had the absolutely the worst class ever, and inevitably everyone tells you it was the best ever, make a conscious choice to believe what they are saying, and acknowledge that when it comes to yourself, your thoughts can sometimes be less than dependable.

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