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Loria Stern

🌼Coreopsis + Crawling Thyme🌿 pressed apple persimmon pie! Baked all day yesterday to ease my heavy heart for the state of California // sending everyone hope and love and virtual pie // swipe to the last slide to see how she baked! Bold + beautiful with a flaky crust 🙃


Loria Stern

Flower butter is quite possibly the most fun and easy thing to prepare 💐 First, make your butter: you can blend up heavy cream + salt in a food processor until the curd starts separating from the whey, then strain through a nut milk bag for several hours or overnight // if you don’t have time to make your own butter you can also buy salted European butter, just make sure it’s softened when you’re ready to use. Now comes the fun part— gather your favorite serving board or plate and thoughtfully spread your homemade butter (while feeling immense pride that you just made butter). Then pick a bunch of edible flowers + herbs and decorate (for inspo think of a colorful galaxy or 80s dance music🕺🏽). Right before serving, pile fresh baked bread or scrubbed radishes all around your butter masterpiece. I dare you to just dip once #flowerbutter #entertaining #edibleflowers #impressyourfriends


Loria Stern

Fall is officially here, okay it’s been here for a while, but my special fall style botanical pressed cookies are officially here! These shortbread are spiked with maple 🍁 essence + pressed with hibiscus leaves, violets, Egyptian star flowers, and dianthus that all bake a sultry, earthy tone of harvest gold. You can order these off my website until December 🍂


Loria Stern

Justa lil cake vid action from over the weekend! ✨ 8 layers of earl grey tea cake filled w homemade persimmon jam, frosted w swiss meringue buttercream + decorated w pressed florals 💐 // 🎼 #françoisehardy 💋


Loria Stern

🎃 October Cookies 🕸


Loria Stern

Curried Goats Cheese Breakie Garden Tarts 🌻 on spelt crust // swipe to see the tarty process ♨️


Loria Stern

🦂In the spirit of Halloween and #scorpioseason #♏️ ! Hand piped scorpion cake from over the wkend commissioned by @inthefieldojai // I tried to channel the desert + scorpion preferred semi-arid regions of the world via this cakescape // Frosting colored with all natural spices— turmeric, ginger, raw cacao, charcoal, matcha, + pumpkin powder // Scorpios tend to be brave, ambitious, intuitive, faithful + focused, although be careful bc they can also be jealous, resentful, + manipulative // tag your favorite Scorpio 😆🦂


Loria Stern

Cookie boxes for sale this weekend which *never* happens! But it’s happening today 2-6pm at the LA @heathertaylorhome pop up shop (1101 Glendon Ave, 90024) + tomorrow 9am-2pm @cattywampuscraftsojai in #Ojai for their zodiac party // The cookies in the first photo feature hand painted zodiac signs🔮 and the classic floral 🌷pressed in the second photo are heading to LA //#cookies


Loria Stern

🍅 Tomato Blossom Soup 🌿 served hot♨️ or cold❄️ bc it’s fall but tomatoes are still poppin off the vines🔆 #ladychef #gardener #soup


Loria Stern

Garden Scape Cake from over the wkend // 11 layers of olive oil cake filled w pomegranate curd + frosted w vanilla Swiss meringue // spring 🌷on the outside and fall 🍂flavors on the inside #intoit // all flowers plucked from my garden + pressed amongst my collection of cookbooks // #homemade #weddingcake #caketrends


Loria Stern

🌿🥞Plantain pancake time🥞🌸 dotted with herbs + edible flowers that not only add a delightful flavor, but also a morsel of subtle texture and a joyful herbal aroma while cooking // drenched in maple syrup, it’s all about food that pleases the 5 senses + settles well in the belly // #grainfree #plantainpancakes #breakfast #edibleflowers


Loria Stern

Nat’l Dessert Day of course calls for these #bonbons 🤤// Cardamom almond #glutenfreevegan cookie dough rolled into balls + then dipped in raw cacao ganache, sprinkled with fleur petals + topped w sea salt 🌊 #healthydessert is my kinda #dessert 💃🏻