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Portland, Oregon

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I’m back in Oregon for this next bit of time - excited to explore some old favorites. Work from Alaska coming soon 🤘🏻


Just a short paddle away from where we slept for the night


Sunset in Alaska this time of year is a paradox of sorts. The sun crested the mountains around 9:00, but darkness never quite arrived this night. We stayed up as twilight lingered on. By the time we finally laid our heads to rest for the night, the sky above us was beginning to lighten.
June 8th, 9:17pm, somewhere along the way. This feeling was something new, yet something oh so familiar.


Glacial melt running through America’s Northern most temperate rainforest.


Summer rain-fall in Alaska, watched from the window of our cabin


This last week has been a whirlwind of adventures - from walking on glaciers to exploring Alaska’s backcountry, this place has blown my mind time and time again.


Sunsets up north




Tomorrow I fly to Alaska for what should be the adventure of a lifetime. Now more than ever I’ve felt the need to push my comfort zone and I’m excited to see where it takes me. More adventures to come, stay posted 🤘🏻


Oregon is by far my favorite place to adventure in the world. Some views just never get old.


Early morning on the Oregon coast, the smell of salt in the air. Seeing endless miles of ocean has always inspired my imagination


The perfect place to spend the summer, tucked away in Oregon.


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