Louie the Sprocker Spaniel 🇬🇧@louiethesprockerspaniel

I’m a tennis ball loving, water splashing Sprocker Spaniel from North Lincolnshire! Use my link to get 20% off @pinsneedlescreations


This is my entry for the @wildpawco #wildpawmodelsearch. I am a Sprocker Spaniel living in the UK who absolutely loves life outdoors which means this company would suit me so much! I adore being in the water and I’m always going on adventures with my pawrents and my other doggy friends. Mum thinks I’m her baby so is a serial Instagram poster, posting around 3 times a day because she wants the world to see how amazing I am! She’s constantly trying to grow her Instagram followers because everyone needs to have a little bit of Louie in their life! She interacts with all of her followers and loves buying me so many cute accessories to model. Mum uses an iPhone 8 to document my life and manages to get some amazing shots with it. Good luck to everyone entering and paws crossed that I get chosen!!


So today I went to a dog show and won my first ever Best in Show!! First place in best 1-6 year old dog, first place in best biscuit catcher, second place in waggiest tail, fifth place in musical sits and special mention in happiest dog! Sooo happy!

Remember to use the link in my bio or the code LOUIE20 for 20% off at @pinsneedlescreations

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