All moments lead to now..
And In every moment you only have one choice.....
fear or love?
My choice will always be clear πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’—

Observe and you will know the truth...


Happy National Siblings day to the best brother in the world! Thank you for all you are @coachramnayyar


Truth...Some people call it fear, others call it butterflies πŸ¦‹ .


"89 degrees, 15 minutes and 50.8 seconds. That's the current position of Polaris, the northern star. Viewed from another planet, it's just one among many. But on earth, it's uniquely important. Fixed in place, an anchor, no matter where you are in the northern hemisphere, if you face Polaris, you face north. You know where you are. But there are other ways to get lost. And the choices we make and the events that overwhelm us, even in our own minds, what can be our anchor then? What beacon can we turn to, to guide us from darkness into light? What if it's other people; the lives that touch our own, in ways big and small? Because unlike Polaris, the light they bring will never fade." - TOUCH


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We are all unique and have our own path..doing it my way! πŸ’ͺ🏼


We see best when our eyes are closedπŸ’—
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It's the age old story - we are here to grow and learn, if something/or the same personality keeps showing up in your's just another opportunity to "try" again! .
When we finally "get it" the cycle stops! Then you move on to the next "chapter/learning lesson" of a different topic... .
All the people we encounter therefore are just our teachers and this is our school called Life! Thank you to all my teachers! πŸ™πŸΌ


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Without contrast we cannot see....Dark helps us see Light.
I am learning to embrace it all.. for it all serves a beautiful purpose.


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When I look back at how I've changed, how life has evolved and how I've evolved with that, it all makes sense. ""The threads that connect us are not bound by space and time. What seems to the individual - like a twist of fate, from another perspective is simply one of those threads pulled tight....
How things should have been all along. And even when those threads seem irreparably frayed, they never break – not completely. But sometimes the most important connection is here and now."" - TOUCH


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