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Ever feel like everyone has a super clean and organized space except you? Seeing all the Instagram worthy and Pinterest worthy photos making you feel like you don't have your shit together? Well, I'm taking one for the team and making you feel better about yourself. This is what it looks like on shipping day around here. #messyAF 😲 It's a necessary evil and drives me batshit crazy but here it is, boys and girls. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have 18 packages to drop at the post office and a big ass mess to clean and organize. ✌️ Swipe to see it clean and organized for another round of #trashthisspace tomorrow. 🤣


Received my 400th review yesterday. And the crowd goes wild. And by crowd, I mean me. 😉 Busy today cutting, sanding, staining, and painting all.the.signs. Lots of happy mail headed out this week. ❤️📬 Good thing because my 12' work table is at max capacity right now.


My great uncle Wayne lost his eyesight when he was a young boy. I made this sign for him for his 80th birthday. The Braille word is "family." Did you know you can find Braille cards at Hallmark and on Etsy?


There's probably at least one splinter in my hands at all times. Sometimes, they're in a spot, like a bend in my finger. How hurtful. 🤣 And sometimes they're deep enough that tweezers don't work and I have to dig for gold with my @ridgidtools pocket knife. 🗡️ Look at that splinter.


**UPDATE: 1, 3, and 6 are SOLD** Mother's Day (05/13) and Father's Day (06/17) are just around the corner! Treat your favorite dog mom or dog dad (maybe it's you 🤣 go ahead, treat yo'self) to one of these signs. Ready to ship, $30 each, shipping included within the U.S. Signs are 12" x 5 1/2" and include hanging hardware. Want one? Comment below with SOLD and the sign # you want. Invoices will be sent by this evening with payment due within 24 hours. Signs will ship this Friday.


Can we talk for a minute? A few years ago, I made a sign for my mom, took photos of it, and on a whim listed it on Etsy. Then I sold one. And another. Then someone asked if I could make a different sign, which I took photos of and listed. I started out with a jigsaw, a small hand sander, a few paint colors, and a couple paint brushes. Every sign was painted at my kitchen table. I remember being so freaking excited when I reached 100 sales! My business has grown, I've grown, and so have my dreams. ❤️ You guys, anything is possible. Your dream? Totally possible. If you show up, work your ass off, and keep at it, you will make progress. You will fail, you will learn, you will grow and move forward, and that thing you've been dreaming about can come true. Go for it! What is a dream you're working toward?


Desert problems. 😂😂😂 Not really a problem at all considering where we moved from has STILL been getting snow. I ain't about that life. 😂😂😂 This funny letterboard brought to you by my funny, witty, and sarcastic baby girl. ❤️


What would be on your wood? #tbt to the time I shipped this sign to a woman, her husband in public service, and their fur babies. Creating signs which represent and celebrate YOUR life is my passion! Love it! Mother's Day is just around the corner and I'd love to help you give her something she'll love and treasure. ❤️ Send a DM or visit link in profile.


This sweet customer asked if I could personalize the sign instead of doing his, hers, and paw prints. I'm happy to offer personalization, any color combination, any size, and any number of hooks. Let's work together to create a sign to fit your home, family, and lifestyle! Send me a DM or visit my shop > link in bio.


Give me all the signs. If you've been wanting a letterboard, rumor on the street is some @target stores have them marked down to 50% off. I got this one for my birthday and love it! Here's this week's (or month's, if things get crazy) message. 😂#relatable What would yours say? If you have one, how often do you change the message?


Awesome way to start my day! So grateful for my customers. ❤️ It would have been easier for this customer to leave a 5 star review and no comments. It would have been easiest for this customer to not leave a review at all. But this customer went above and beyond and totally made my day!!! Thank you, sweet customer!


It's all in the details. You know the difference. When you receive an Amazon order, it can be fast but also impersonal, often without any packaging or even a packing slip. So when you receive something packaged with love and attention to detail, it's memorable. I love that and it's what I keep in mind while packaging my signs. I want my customers to feel the love when they receive their sign.❤️


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