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#TBT Before Instagram I posted a lot on Snapchat. Back then I thought baking 160 in 1 day was a lot. But over the years I learned to manage my time a little better. An average day I can bake up to 400 cookies, but something I learned not to do is to not bake 600 cookies in 1 day. 😱 #lukeyscookeys #cookiemaster #whatsyourflavor #ube


October 2016. My very first cookie order. I didn’t know how I wanted to package my cookies. It probably took me about a month or 2 to decide on the type of box as well as the presentation. Back then this was the first snapshot cookie order I had. •

Featured Cookie: Sea Salt Chocolate Chip with Walnuts. •

#lukeyscookeys #waybackwednesday #flashback


When you’re always on the run, but still have time to post when in a different city. Featured photos of Thursday comes from a Cookey Lover. Ube (purple yam) & Buko (Coconut) Pandan Crinkles. Thanks for being a fan and sending me these awesome photos. 📸: @jinkang53. #lukeyscookeys #cookeylover #ube #buko #handmodel


Perfect Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie 🍪. My baking adventure started with this cookie. Best combination of sweet & salty. #lukeyscookeys #seasaltchocolate #handmodel


Thanks Cookey Lover for these awesome photos of my Crinkle cookies. I’m glad your family and friends enjoyed the cookies. Sorry to hear they disappeared so fast. People don’t believe when I say, “be careful brining these out in public spaces.” Featured cookies; Ube (Purple Yam) Crinkle & Buko (Coconut) Pandan Crinkle. 📸: @_jaysorianooo. #lukeyscookeys #ube #buko #bukopandan #handmodel #featuredphoto #cookeylover


Happy Friday! Yummy cookies waiting for the Cookey Lovers out there. Last day of baking for June, until December. #lukeyscookeys #stacked #cookieyum #chocolatecookies #handmodel


Battle of the Crinkles! Are you Team Buko (Coconut) Pandan vs. Ube (purple yam)? •

#lukeyscookeys #ube #purpleyam #purplecookies #greencookies #coconutcookies #buko #pandan


I LOVE when Cookey Customers feature me on their foodie instagrams. Thank you so much Philina for this awesome creative photo. And I’m glad you enjoyed the cookies. 📷: @phillycakes

Featured cookies; Ube (purple yam) Crinkle, Buko(Coconut) Pandan Crinkle, and Cookies N Cream. •

#lukeyscookeys #ube #bukopandan #buko #foodyum #cookeylover


Tuesday Orders; 660 Cookies✅

Featured cookies from today; Cookies N Cream/Ube Crinkle, Toffee Chocolate Crunch with Walnuts/Cookies N Cream, and Sea Salt Chocolate/Brownie Cookie. •

#lukeyscookeys #soblessed #ube #cookiemonster


So yesterday (Sunday) I mentioned I hit a new cookie personal record. Week after week I’ve been breaking these PR’s with all the orders I’ve gotten. I thought 2 weeks ago was a crazy week of baking. But just this last week June 19th to 24th I baked a total of 3,000 cookies. That’s right folks Three THOUSAND COOKIES within one week. Thanks for supporting Lukey’s Cookeys and featuring me on your own posts. I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support of all of y’all. •

Featured cookies yesterday; Ube Plain/Buko Pandan Plain, Brown Butter WC/Ube Crinkle, Sea Salt Chocolate/Oatmeal Chocolate, Toffee Chocolate Crunch/Cookies N Cream, Ube Crinkle/Toffee Chocolate Crunch, Ube Crinkle/Buko Pandan Crinkle. •

#lukeyscookeys #ube #filipinofoodmovement #hellacookies #iluvcookies


Saturday I Was A Rockstar. Woke up early to dough prep and bake all 400 cookies ahead of schedule. I have to give thanks to my No. 1 supporter for helping me prep last night. ❤️

Featured cookies; Ube (Purple Yam) Crinkle/Buko Pandan Crinkle, Ube Crinkle/Oatmeal Chocolate, and Red Velvet Crinkle/Ube Crinkle. •

I can’t believe I’ll be moving on to my last week of baking after tomorrow. Thank you for showing interests and supporting Lukey’s Cookeys. 🍪😍 #lukeyscookeys #ube #bukopandan #redvelvet #oatmealcookies #filipinofoodmovement


Happy San Francisco Pride!!!

Featured cookies; Mini Cookies N Cream Rainbow, Ube (purple yam) Crinkle & Buko (Coconut) Pandan Crinkle, and Sea Salt Chocolate & Cookies N Cream. •
#lukeyscookeys #ube #bukopandan #cookiesncream #sfpride #pride2018 #Pride🌈