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Weekend photo challenge—Week 2: Pre-run ritual. What’s one thing you do before every single run? Are you an early-morning riser who lays out their gear the night before? Do you create a new playlist depending on your mood? Whatever your ritual is, snap a pic and share it with us using #letyourmindrunfree. We'll be rounding up our favourites on Sunday.


Today’s run mission: leave everything that’s weighing you down behind. Featured: Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve + Surge Short. #letyourmindrunfree #lululemon


En cada paso vas liberando pensamientos, vas soltando cargas, vas olvidándote de la distancia y es ahí cuando dejas todo a un lado, para sentirte orgulloso y darte cuenta lo maravillosa que es tu ciudad | In summary—forget about the distance and embrace your city. #letyourmindrunfree #lululemon [photo: @lululemonmx]


Knot your average run tank. Wear it tied back and in control or loose and free flowing—the choice is yours. Featured: Miles Ahead Tank, Stash N’ Run Bra, and Fast and Free Tight (link in bio). #letyourmindrunfree #lululemon


When you stop paying attention to how far you've gone, everything becomes clearer. Checking in from the weekend photo challenge—what did you notice for the first time? #letyourmindrunfree


While your mind runs free, your gear is putting in work. Lightweight, anti-bacterial technology is designed for sweat—meaning you can squeeze a run in on your lunch break and no one will know. Featured: Swiftly Tech Longsleeve Crew—link in bio. #letyourmindrunfree #lululemon


This week we're kicking off something new—a photo challenge. Read your brief below, snap a pic, and make sure to post and use the hashtag #letyourmindrunfree. We'll be watching (and perhaps, posting). Week 1—Same road, different journey. When’s the last time you noticed something new? There’s nothing wrong with sticking to your tried and true running routes. You know the distance, the landmarks, and what stoplights might slow you down. Your challenge this weekend—should you choose to accept it—is to tune out to tune in. Pay attention to your surroundings and snap a pic of something you’ve never noticed before. Are new flowers blooming? Can you find hidden messages in traffic signs? What are you unfamiliar with on your most-familiar route?


Runners, coaches, competitors and generally just incredible humans—meet four athletes from our run collective who lace up and let their minds run free. #letyourmindrunfree #lululemon


Great things happen when you let your mind run free. You find answers. You find freedom. Sometimes, you even find yourself. #letyourmindrunfree and see where it takes you.


What would it look like if you didn't think about distance, speed, burning calories or pushing through the pain on your next run? There's an experience, a feeling, a place that only runners can visit—a place that's entirely unique to them. It exists when you're completely free, when you can fully let go, and let your mind run free. #letyourmindrunfree


Here's to The Immersion, our first public retreat. After five days of sweat, development, and connection it's safe to say we will never be the same. #lululemonimmersion


Yo soy means I am. Our @lululemonmx team brought their community together through an experiential museum that explored how we can understand who we are and who we want to be. How will you leave your mark?


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