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Your training just got elevated. Say hello to the Total Run Training series—eight episodes designed to elevate runs of all lengths and kinds by our newest global run ambassador @daddydarkrdc . A DJ, creative influencer and poet, Charlie’s motivation is to disrupt and evolve the running scene. Join him and our run training experts as they uncover tips to get you across the line on race day. Check out the first four episodes—link in bio. #thesweatlife #lululemon



“Should we run a marathon?” — all of us, after watching @giveasweat , @humblequis , @aringer3 and 24,000 other runners crush 26.2 in LA this morning. Whatever your reason, whatever your distance—running’s always a bit sweeter when you’ve got a community behind you. We can’t always promise cheer stations with drum lines, but our club on @Strava is pretty damn close (link in bio). #thesweatlife



There’s only one day left until the marathon and Santa Monica Ambassador Marquis Bowden is no stranger to the pre-race jitters. With goals to become a professional marathoner, the LA run community holds a special place in his heart. Marquis’ story is on IGTV—link in bio. #thesweatlife



"This body has suffered broken ankles, busted knees, asthmatic lungs and arthritis… and it’s still capable of doing this.” Glendale Ambassador @giveasweat is gearing up for her first marathon this weekend—more in IGTV (link in bio). #thesweatlife



The best way to beat LA traffic? Outrun it. Community Lead @aringer3 knows that once a year, 24,000 runners get the best view of the city—from the marathon course that runs right through it. Catch up with Alex in our latest IGTV episode - link in bio. #thesweatlife



It’s official. @nickfoles is our newest elite ambassador. He’s an MVP, the most sought after free agent in football, and one of the most down to earth, community-focused, legends we’ve had the opportunity to work with. Football and lululemon may not be the most obvious partnership if you didn’t know that Nick’s been into yoga and mindful performance for 10 years. He’s also been wearing the same Metal Vent Tech shirt he got in college for 10 years. So yeah, it feels very right and yeah, he’ll have a whole lot more Metal Vent Techs coming his way. The excitement is high over here. Honoured is an understatement. #thesweatlife



What do you get when you let our WhiteSpace team loose at @SXSW ? A one-of-a-kind mindfulness experience, exploring how technology can drive human potential. We’ve paired sensory technology with an immersive light and sound experience in the D’om, followed by an innovative meditation session–EmbodyRelax–powered by your heart rate. Consider your festival jitters, calmed. #thesweatlife #sxsw2019



How will you spend #internationalwomensday and the 364 days that come afterward? #theother364  #iwd2019



"On #theother364 days I challenge you to read about strong, powerful women. Choose books that are written and illustrated by women, especially Black women like @vanessabrantleynewton and @vashtiharrison, because #blackgirlmagic is changing the world every single day." Havana Chapman-Edwards (@thetinydiplomat) is an 8-year-old changemaker, artist, and activist who fights for girl's education while working towards becoming an artist, astronaut, and POTUS one day. She is the creator of Rhymers Are Readers #37books book club.

Gender equality doesn’t live in one day—tomorrow is a day to celebrate the work that happens #theother364 days a year. #internationalwomensday #iwd2019



"All too often, women hold themselves back because they’re afraid of failure. But men are stepping up and asking for the promotions, for the raises, for the big projects - even if they aren’t qualified. We have a huge leadership gap because of this - so it’s time for women to be brave, not perfect." This is what being in the work of gender equality #theother364 days looks like. @reshmasaujani is a CEO, Activist, Mom and the founder and CEO of @girlswhocode. She is leading the movement to inspire girls and women across the country to be brave, not perfect. #internationalwomensday #iwd2019



Gender equality is a hot (and sometimes tricky) topic. It’s also an important conversation to be in. With #internationalwomensday around the corner we asked people who are in the work #theother364 days a year to share a few thoughts on where to start. “We need to stop guilt and self-blame. Previously, if someone made an inappropriate comment about me or discriminated between a male artist and myself, I didn’t know what to do. I would go home and start blaming myself about my reactions, my passiveness, thinking "why didn’t I do something or say something in the moment?" But I realized that recognizing that it’s inappropriate is a start. Then I practiced showing no reaction. Now I can say that something is inappropriate or that I feel uncomfortable, but it took time." @official_yozoh is a musician, writer, feminist speaker and book store owner in Korea. #iwd2019



When your new Spring jacket doubles as a travel pillow—that just happened.
Transition into warmer months ahead in gear that’s packable, easy-to-layer and ready for adventure. Link in bio.