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Join @ydbt4life and Jon Jr. for a LIVE discussion at 8PM EST about the 2020 GT500! We will be talking about what matters and what doesn’t. 😈

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@mmffmagazine put our 2015 GT on the COVER for their March 2019 release! Thank you @mikegalimi for the opportunity. We are very proud of this build and our accomplishments with it! 3750 lbs being slung to a 7.78 at 178 MPH and a best MPH of 180.22 with a Stock PCM, 6R80, and a Ford IRS is just mind boggling to us! The car still holds the Ford IRS ET and MPH record. Stay tuned for more this year from it!
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Lund Racing

@ford 2020 GT500 reveal is today at 8:40 EST at the North America International Auto Show in Detroit! We’ve all seen the brochure release but is there anything else unique on this car? 😎Stay tuned!

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@561snotrocket ran an 8 with 20s up front on his 13 GT with a EDP turbo kit, built engine, and @brett_msracing 6R80 with @circledspecialties converter! This car is driven to and from the track. Very impressive for 4000lbs!

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Lund Racing

Corey at @iconcomposites ran a new personal best in his 2018 GT 10R80 with E85 and a @edelbrockusa 2650 TVS! Not bad for a 4000 lb car!

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Lund Racing

Happy New Year from all of us at Lund Racing! Today was a half day for us and tomorrow we are closed. We will be back in 2019 on January 2nd in full swing! Thank you for all of the support this year!
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Lund Racing

@vader5oh runs a new personal best in his 13 GT 6R80 with a @vmpperformance GEN 3 2650 blower and a TKM shortblock with @lmengines intake cams. 9.1 at almost 152 MPH! It’s on a 69mm upper and stock lower pulley.
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Merry Christmas from everyone at Lund Racing!
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Merry Christmas! This is our schedule through the new year:

Today (Christmas Eve) - Half Day with Limited Staff
Tuesday 12/25 (Christmas Day) - OFF. Offices closed
Weds to Friday 12/26-12/28 - Very Limited Staff
Monday 12/31 (New Year’s Eve) - Half Day with Limited Staff
Tuesday 1/1 (New Year’s Day) - OFF. Offices closed.
As usual our weekend schedule doesn’t change and our offices are closed.
Please be patient during the next week as the limited staff will be handling a larger workload. Put your tools down and go spend time with your families! 😊

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Lund Racing

@ermartinez2 ran a new personal best yesterday and broke into the 8s with his 2012 GT! His car is built by @oscar.morin.94 at Shrek Motorsports and features a @fluidturbo kit with @precisionturbo 6266 turbos, Built engine with stock cams and VCT, Built 6R80 with @circledspecialties converter, @injectordynamics injectors, return fuel system and E85, and @bmrsuspension components! More to come with some more boost! These are 15 psi and 17 psi passes.
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