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Become part of a community and make your miles matter when you join Team Make Your Mark.

Huge s/o to our Team Make Your Mark @runrocknroll Seattle marathon participants! They've raised a combined $12,000 and counting!!! Help us get closer to a cure and make your miles matter at Rock n' Roll Philadephia this Fall [link in bio] 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️


Whether through Put on Purple Day, PJ Day, World Lupus Day or every day in between throughout the month of May, we wanted to thank each and every one of you for helping to raise awareness so that more people know about, understand and are educated about this cruel and mysterious disease.
Even with the month of May coming to a close, our work doesn’t stop here! Please continue to make your voice heard and donate to support lupus research and education! [link in bio]


¿Se pregunta por qué tiene una erupción en la cara, por qué le duelen las articulaciones o por qué siempre está cansada? Vea este breve video y pregúntese si sus síntomas podrían estar relacionados con lupus. ¡Por favor compartalo! #LupusAwarenessMonth


Though lupus strikes mostly women of childbearing age, Men, children, and teenagers develop lupus too. Most people with lupus develop the disease between 15-44 years old. #FactFriday #LupusFactFriday #LupusAwarenessMonth


Major Toni Grimes served in the Army for 20 years until lupus change her life and she was medically retired. Since then, Toni has become an advocate for lupus research and federally funded programs such as the DOD Lupus Research Program, which was recently awarded another $5 million.
Veterans have a higher incidence of lupus and other autoimmune diseases. This upcoming Memorial Day, join Toni, veterans like her battling this disease, and all lupus warriors by donating to support lupus research. [link in bio]


Breaking out in a rash after you’ve been in the sun could be a sign that something is going on inside your body.
Take our short questionnaire to learn more. Please share/ regram! [link in bio] #LupusAwarenessMonth


Have you ever had a noticeable rash on your cheeks for more than a month? Your body might be telling you something.
Listen to it, act now and learn more. Please share/ regram! #LupusAwarenessMonth #LAM18 [link in bio]


More than 90% of people with lupus experience pain or swelling in their joints. Learn about common symptoms of lupus and if your symptoms could be related to the disease. Please Regram/Share! #LupusAwarenessMonth [link in bio]


Wondering why you have a rash across your face, why your joints ache, or why you’re always tired? Watch this short video and ask yourself if your symptoms could be related to lupus. Please Regram/Share! #LupusAwarenessMonth


Today was #PutOnPurple Day! Check out all of these amazing people helping to spread lupus awareness and raise money for childhood lupus research.
You can still encourage others to get involved by donating and continuing the lupus awareness conversation! [link in bio] #POP18 #LupusAwarenessMonth


73% of Americans between the ages 18-34 who have either not heard about lupus or know little or nothing about lupus beyond the name, yet this is the group at greatest risk. Learn about lupus during #lupusawarenessmonth. #Fact Friday #LupusFactFriday


It’s #PutOnPurple Day! Join us in spreading lupus awareness and raising money for childhood lupus research. Share your pictures with #PutOnPurple and #POP18, tell others why you’re raising lupus awareness and encourage them to donate [link in profile] 💜


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