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The Expert Series: Episode 8

We need YOU! Your participation in clinical trials can help increase medical knowledge and save or improve lives.
Learn more about clinical trials in the August episode of The Expert Series. [link in bio]


Participating in research can bring us closer to finding new treatments and improve the lives of people affected by lupus. We’ve partnered with Antidote, a digital health company, to bring you the latest in clinical trial matching technology.
The new tool can be found on our National Resource Center on Lupus and can help you find a trial that matches your needs and interests quickly and easily.
Start searching today [link in bio]


Doctor appointments, treatments, sick days...there's a lot that students with lupus may need that leads to absences from school.

Learn about adjustments and assistance that are available to students dealing with #lupusandschool. **Assistance may also be available for students attending public colleges and universities.** #NationalBacktoSchoolMonth [link in bio] [Este recurso también está disponible en español]


Sign up for our #WTELN Seattle event or find one near you! #WalkWednesday [link in bio]


Between the appointments and treatments, having a chronic illness like lupus can be incredibly expensive!
Visit the link in our bio for resources and information that may help alleviate some of the financial burden. #FactFriday #LupusFactFriday


August is #NationalBacktoSchoolMonth 📚✏️ and #lupuswarriors know all too well how challenging school can be when living with lupus.
Our Lupus at School guide for parents and kids includes great resources to help you develop a plan for your child with lupus to help ensure your child's success in the classroom. (También disponible en español) #lupusandschool [link in bio]


It's that time of the year again! Get your team, grab your walk signs and join us in Baltimore next month at Canton Waterfront Park to take steps toward a cure for lupus.

If you're not in Baltimore, don't worry - we have tons of other Fall walks across the country! Find one near you. #WalkWednesday #WTELN #WalktoEndLupusNow [link in bio]


Whether you donated, spread the word or hosted a fundraiser we thank everyone for supporting our efforts to advance the research of Dr. Gary Gilkeson and his colleagues.
We couldn’t have gotten here with out you!


People with lupus need and deserve better treatment options. Today is the last day to make a donation and change the future for someone battling lupus • [link in bio]


There are 1.5 million Americans that deal with the constant physical, emotional, and financial battles brought on by lupus.
Visit the link in our bio to help us find better treatments for Sara and #lupuswarriors everywhere! ・・・・・・
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What does it feel like to have Lupus? I try to put it into words and compare it to something the average healthy person can relate to. But please be aware that our normal is not the same as your normal- we have adapted our life to a “new normal” which means using our limited energy to function and appear fine despite the 24/7 pain and exhaustive fatigue that we deal with. There is never a break and pharmaceutical drugs do not give us relief, they pick up the slack where our immune system and organs have failed us just to keep us alive. If you know someone with Lupus they are most likely living day to day in constant pain and exhaustion but have learned to adapt and function despite it. Living with Lupus doesn’t ever get easier, WE JUST GET STRONGER. Keep fighting my fellow Lupie Warriors 🦋💪💜💜💜 #lupusawareness


With only one drug developed and approved specifically for lupus treatment, we urgently need better treatment options. Your gift will go twice as far this week to a support a research study towards a potential new therapy for lupus. [link in bio]


Starting today, you can do twice the good for #lupuswarriors. Our Board of Directors is matching every dollar up to $50K to support a research study towards a potentially promising new therapy for people with lupus.
Together, we can reach our goal of $100K for lupus research. Go to [link in bio for full video]