@Obenewa "Heart Game" is out now on @_iamsiam_

#TBT NYC performing w/ ie.Merg aka Merge in 2007. This dude changed the game for me. He got me to take myself way more seriously as a musician, performer and producer. He saw unlimited potential in me and gave me more confidence than I had ever had at the time.
We went on to make a battle record (Cached), produced 2 mix tapes (Theophilus London "Jam" and "This Charming Mixtape")and 2 entire albums ("Want to 1 2?" And "This Charming Man") together.
He got me to step up my game as a live performer. Being on stage with a turntablist world champion made me rethink what I could do to make my stage presence more engaging and awe inspiring.

Check his new project "Of" out for some serious heaters @funeralballoons


Thank u @dawnrichard for having me on your show! Lookin like Wayne's World on acid #doit4u
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check out my new show @jonleedrive .. A music show where we bring your fav underground artists to our basement to perform live just for you. My new guest is the bomb ass @machinedrum and we perform one of our records #DoIt4you #FORUSBYUS


Obenewa "Heart Game" (produced by me) is out now on my label @_iamsiam_ ! Check out the editorial we made over at @ladygunn and stream the tune. Follow the link in my profile
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Spectrum Sequence in the new @Apple ad!

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Showcase 16: #TheColorSeries
Our favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone
Music: Spectrum Sequence by @machinedrum
In order of appearance...
Ira G. @ira_phxindia, Konstantin G. @golitsyn, Hishan M. @the.r.a.b.b.i.t, Shoaib F. @shoaibfarooquii, Juneil C. @juneilc, Ching-Chang M. @ponyonyony, Somrut K. @eakamaisoi16, Eiki H. @eikihosomi, Ryan C. @ryancheng80, Chris P. @cpthreeeoh, Altamash J. @aljvd, Karim A.K. @karim_photography_, Vinicius A. @viniciusrnt, Fayethe V. @fayethe, Jill L. @jilllian2, Marco F. @marko123, Edward M. @edwardmendez17, Ithalu D. @itha_mar, Jarek B. @baljarek, Marisol G.R. @vallartadiarios, Don V. @d.vongsaly, Eugene E. @smartograph, Madeleine L. @mad19, Riccardo P. @ricci_liciou_s, DJ F. @idjfitz, Joel W. @thephototypinglife, Vasco D.S. @vascoafsantos, Eamonn M. @eamonnmorris, Cheehyuck I. @ihnstaphoto, Thulio S. @thulios, Giovanni G. @giovannigenzini, Pawel K. @pawelcome, Romain V., Kiarang A. @kiarang_alaei, Ashraful A. @the.ash.are, Brian W. @bwright2222, Haejung H. @dsky_lght, Irma M. @irma_mchedlishvili, Victor B. @brydzki, Marco C. @el_siani, David S. @david.salman, SzeWai H. @szewaih, Xavier S.H. @xsshoot, Ana A. @ilustramen, Doris V. @dodovo, Anthony B. @anthony_benton_, Jen B. @jenburnett


@Obenewa "Heart Game" produced by Machinedrum. Out now on @_iamsiam_ on @spotify @applemusic @itunes @bandcamp
Artwork by @dickvergez


IAMSIAM 006 is out this Friday

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Keys please


Hello, I am 马神壮 and I've remixed "Skin To Skin" by @7_luhan_m.  It's my first adventure into the world of Chinese pop music.


Muchas gracias South America! What a whirlwind of a trip 🌪️
Thanks to everyone who came out and vibed with me in Medellin, Santiago and Lima!!
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Purple Rain, purple rain ☔️🏍️


Morning Meditation


Heading to South America!!! 🇨🇴🇨🇱🇵🇪 5/31 ➡️ Salón Amador

6/1 ➡️ Bar Loreto

6/2 ➡️ Festival Cultura Libre 2018