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from my friend @the_margarita_mum. Sunday Funday: Pink Gin 💕 with @fevertreemixers and simply garnished with fresh ruby grapefruit 💕
What’s your favourite Pink Gin?


from my friend @craftedmixology. We all grew up hearing how orange juice is a healthy part of any breakfast. Well @ryeremedy has created something that I think is perfect for breakfast. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Orange County
1.75oz @fewspirits Breakfast ☕️ Gin
.75oz @licor43usa
.5oz @liquidalchemist Orgeat
.5oz Orange 🍊 Juice
3 Scoops Orange 🍊 Oleo-Saccharum Powder
Egg White 🥚
Mix all ingredients in shaker and reverse dry shake 💃. Double strain into coupe glass and garnish with orange 🍊.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Spotted on: @ryeremedy
Glassware: @hospitalityglass .


from @thecocktailportal. The lovely @lacanteraresort in San Antonio, Texas offers multiple fabulous bars on its property. Sire bar is just off the lobby with beautiful masculine wood finishes that offers a wonderful lounge vibe. Only thing you need here is a fine cocktail in your hand and if you’re on holiday and day drinking, you may be looking for something delicious but low ABV. This is your drink! It’s called Sherry Baby - made with Fino Sherry and Oloroso Sherry, bitters, sugar and a dehydrated orange! #beautiful and #delicious crafted by @jeennniferlynn


from my friend @moodymixologist. .
F i z z y B r a m b l e
☀️ Summer is all about tall, fizzy drinks, so today I’ve whipped up a bubbly riff on a Bramble featuring @pressseltzer! My husband and I drink a lot of seltzer and sparkling water in general, so we’ve tried plenty of other hard seltzers, but PRESS is by far our favorite. It’s also the only one with really interesting flavors like Pomegranate Ginger and Blackberry Hibiscus 🌺
Since the classic Bramble was my inspiration, I used gin for this, but the recipe is also delicious with vodka, rum, or even whiskey!
I made an easy blackberry hibiscus syrup by heating 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar, about 1 cup of blackberries, and 2 hibiscus tea bags on the stove on medium heat for about ten minutes. Let cool, strain, and enjoy.
✨Fizzy Bramble✨
1.5 oz gin
1 oz lemon juice
.5 oz homemade blackberry & hibiscus syrup
Top with @pressseltzer Blackberry Hibiscus
Add the first three ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice and top with Press Seltzer Blackberry Hibiscus. Optionally, shake only the first two ingredients and use the back of a barspoon to sink the blackberry hibiscus syrup for a layered look. Garnish with blackberries and mint.
Lovely glassware by @hospitalityglass


from my friends @cocktails_for_you. Cocktail of the Day: Azucar Negra
Bar: @pouring_ribbons
Agave/Gin Shaken
1.25 oz Fords Gin
.75 oz Tequila Cabeza
1 oz Sour Lemon
-.5 oz Burnt Sugar Bustelo Syrup
1 tsp Licor 43
.5 tsp Orange cream citrate
Add 20 % water, Keg, Carbonate
Glass: Vintage Fruit Glass
Ice: KD
Garnish: Dehydrated Orange or Lemon wheel with Printed fondant circle clipped onto it
Build Order: Can Sit Well / Fresh But Forgiving / Execute Last Minute
Lead-In & Follow Up Cocktails: Oro Cubano, Cafe Amaro and Tonic, 20th Century
Elevator Pitch: An effervescent light citrus take on a coffee cocktail created for the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz
#cocktailsforyou #tequilatime #gingin #cocktailhour #drinks🍹


Done with the @isolabeachbar madness! Didn't have time to post this, so here's a nightcap for you all!
"Can't think of a name, too tired."
• 6cl Tequila
• 3cl Fresh lime juice
• 2cl Jasmine syrup
• ½ barspoon Blueberry Jam
• Seltzer
• Add everything but the seltzer to a shaker with ice
• Shake and double strain
• Top with soda
• Garnish with a mini-lime and a rosemary sprig
Cocktail & Photography by @theglassclass #theglassclass


from @thecocktailportal. @sarahespi of @cu29cocktailbar in Austin makes the beautiful cocktail. Clever and delicious! ‘Say ALOE to my little friend’
@azuniatequila blanco
Chareau Aloe liquor
Lemon juice
Butterfly pea tea simple
Egg whites


Simply gorgeous cocktail from @crazybarlady. The colors are awesome. And that glass from @glassblowerben is so cool.
fresh red grapefruit
lime syrup
a few drops of saline layered with @spiritworksdistillery Sloe Gin
Miracle Mile Forbidden Bitters
fresh pomegranate
4-strand braided lime crown
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Spotted on: @crazybarlady


@kevinbyunghun - his game is off the charts. May you all be so lucky as to sit before a master at his craft. Everything he does has an intended purpose to create a perfect cocktail.

from @bartendersportal


from @bartendersportal. Traveling the world has allowed us to truly hone in on truly talented bartenders. It’s a rare occasion that we are a repeat customer because the world is vast and there’s so much to choose from. So when we find ourselves continually patronizing a place, it’s because it’s THAT good. @_mr_winters_ of @theblindrabbit remains a must try before you die experience. It never grows old. Timeless. The drinks...the food...the location...10+! So good to see you tonight Andrew. Always a treat! MUSIC by Melody Gardot - Who Will Comfort Me.


Fresh Outta Fresno – tequila, sweet vermouth, lime, Fresno-Aleppo syrup, passion fruit
1.5oz tequila
.75oz Carpano Antica
1oz Fresno Aleppo pepper syrup
.5oz Passion fruit puree
.5oz lime
Shake, tiki/collins w/crushed ice.
Watermelon radish / mint garnish

from @cocktails_for_you


from my friend @craftedmixology. Beautiful, easily created cocktail here. That color is so great
2 oz. SPRING (your choice if it's too light)
½ oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice
½ oz Fresh Orange Juice
Shake grapefruit juice with CHERVONA and strain it into a glass with ice. Then top with an orange juice (it'll settle at the bottom) and garnish with a lime skin "sail" and/or grapefruit wheel. Stir it slightly right before enjoying.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Spotted on: @chervonavodka