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mostly pics of me hugging people • Miami || Winter Park • Rollins •

$250K later & the degree is written in Latin? Ok I guess??


Miss you already but it’s a good thing you fled to Canada— so my liver has time to recuperate💕


Αs first seen on @dzrollinscollege 🤷🏻‍♀️💗💚🎓


This is Jordan Parker!!! My rock & also at the same time the most out of control gal I know. Always down for a marg. Strong as HECK. Will lend you any clothing item. Has a cute dog. 10/10 would recommend!!


Happy Mother’s Day to my fav momma & abuela in the world! Thanks for teaching me so much about love, kindness, humor & the value of a good croqueta each and every day🌷
Oh also- I graduated today!


2! Days! Til! Graduation! ✌🏼🎓


In my true form, this is a dress I stole from @hallieraquel 😁 3 more days and she’ll miss the days of me stealing from her (I think)🍾✨ #rollinsgrad #rollinslife


I’d like the thank everyone who helped me get through these last 4 years- but especially the Diablos @cocina214 #rollinsgrad #rollinslife


Probably my last knowles chapel insta post! #yikes #iykyk #rollinsgrad #rollinslife


Looking at the last Final paper I’ve yet to write like.. #6days #🎓 #rollinsgrad #rollinslife


You always lead with humility, empathy, and kindness in your every day life- And still find a way to crack a joke every step of the way, too! I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this award! #FiatLux


If I ever declined an invite to go out with you, but then you see me at said event later... it’s 100% because Jordan Parker peer pressured me there #senYEAHyear


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