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Magick Moods

UPDATE: { SOLD OUT } Our most exclusive candle is now LIVE!💥 This 2019 Blessings candle will NOT return for any other future restock. Once this Limited Edition batch sells out, you’ll have to wait until next year.

This is our absolute favorite candle to start off the new year as we place our intentions and set our goals with this new chapter. Use this as a reminder of all the opportunities and achievements that are on the way. Harness the strength you have from within and grab up all the blessings that have your name on them! 2019 is all you!✨

📍FREE USA Shipping! Direct link in BIO + Story Updates ⏫

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Magick Moods

Wanting something and believing you are worthy are two different things. We can wish for millions of blessings but do you actually believe you deserve any of them? Do you ever start to talk yourself OUT of wanting better? Doubt and fear can crush any dream. As you begin to set your goals for 2019, try telling yourself that you DESERVE to reach them. Don’t forget to always invite gratitude to the party also. May greatness and growth reach you at your own pace, in divine time.

Welcome to 2019! Wishing everyone who sees this tons and tons of beautiful manifestations all year long and beyond.✨

Take a screenshot to unlock a message from the Universe. What do you deserve?

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Magick Moods

Ready for a new chapter? Leave all that no longer serves you so that once we all enter through this new portal of 2019, there is only room for growth and blessings.✨

Take your screenshot. Take a few. What did you get? Does this resonate? Let’s build a better future.🔥

#magickmoods #manifest #manifestation


Magick Moods

Less than a month away from new beginnings and new blessings with tons new memories to make! Take a peek into the future and see what 2019 may possibly have in store for you. 🎊

What does it look like you’ll be manifesting in the new year? Comment below ⬇️

Share with loved ones, tag us and look forward to all the good things 2019 is about to bring you!✨

#magickmoods #manifest #manifestation


Magick Moods

Ultimate Candle Collection Restock is now LIVE 💥 This is the ONLY time of the year where we bring them all back!

There are still so many beautiful blessings left in 2018! Swipe through ➡️ Take a peek and give the gift of magick and manifestation this year✨

📍Limited Quantities available per each candle. This is the last time you’ll see these until 2019!


Magick Moods

Welcoming in the final month of 2018! Thank you for the laughs, the lessons, the growth and the blessings. Even if it has not been the prettiest of years, I am present and I am grateful.🌻

Hope you’re ready for the next episode. 2019 is the real turn up 🔥

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Magick Moods

Saturday cuddles are the best… until these evil twins realize there’s 2 hours left before breakfast which always means to begin begging now. 🙃

Newsletters just went out! Make sure to check your inbox 💌 If you’re not an email subscriber but have been eyeing our candles, here is a heads up that you should probably sign up within the next couple of hours. This upcoming super restock is going to be the last time you see these babies for 2018! 🕯

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Magick Moods

📍Weekend Reminder: Listen to your intuition. Your spirit knows best.

Happy Friday!⚡️

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Magick Moods

And… we’re back! Took a nice break to rest and refuel. Feeling charged up now and ready to experience all of the magick that 2018 still has up her sleeve.🔋✨

Sharing a little rose quartz love on your feed to help charge up your day too 💓 Also, majorrrr restock happening soon! Like, every single candle type of major! Besides our launch day, this is the only time we ever do this during the year. Hope you’re subscribed to our newsletter 💌

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Magick Moods

Farewell Venus Retrograde & Hellooooo Mercury Retrograde! This is its last round of 2018. To those who have their candles, make sure to light em up today 🕯✨

Don’t fret. Retrograde may come with headaches but overall, they’re much needed. It’s all about maintaining a divine balance! This is like the Universe’s way of adding in some hot sauce when life needs a little kick. Life would be so boring without it. With retrogrades, comes lessons. If you can remember that, these astro-events don’t seem as annoying as many make them out to be. Also, *whispers* many have told us that Mercury Retrograde happens to be a time where they receive a jolt of extra financial blessings. 🤑

So with that said, while it’s important to be aware, don’t sweat it too much or you might miss some of the beauty in a blink.

#magickmoods #mercuryretrograde #higherconsciousness


Magick Moods

📍Affirmation Check In✨ Affirmations are so important but also very easy to forget. You don’t have to dedicate separate time out of your day to practice this in case that feels like too much to maintain. I know there’s 20 million things that people suggest you do to “live a healthier life“ but sometimes it can get overwhelming when you try to incorporate even just a few.

The objective is to work smarter, not harder. If you set morning/nap alarms on your phone, edit them to say an affirmation. When you look at the mirror from washing your hands, say an affirmation to yourself. When you’re on instagram, like right now, you can save this and use it to say an affirmation. If there’s a simple way you can fit one in, why not?

It can take a second to change up your mood, be it good or bad so we hope this helps uplift you.🙏🏽 Which affirmation did you get? ⬇️

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Magick Moods

(Currently Sold Out. Please sign up to our newsletter for future restock announcements.) I Am Prosperous Affirmation Candle now available for preorder! 🔥

It’s the beginning of the month, which is our favorite time to bring a focus towards prosperity! Keep that big money energy flowing and let the Universe know you’re ready to receive beautiful financial blessings. Money is freely circulating all around you. You deserve every bit of abundance just as much as anyone else. Obtaining your share does not mean you are taking it out of another’s.

Release any guilt or shame that you may feel associated to having money. Welcome in the prosperity and enjoy your financial freedom. As soon as you recognize that money is simply energy, the quicker you’ll be able to manifest it at your will.

📍 Limited Quantities Left! DIRECT LINK IN BIO + More Details in Story Updates ⬆️

#magickmoods #meditation #prosperity #abundance  #spiritualgrowth