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Magick Moods

📍Affirmation Check In✨ Affirmations are so important but also very easy to forget. You don’t have to dedicate separate time out of your day to practice this in case that feels like too much to maintain. I know there’s 20 million things that people suggest you do to “live a healthier life“ but sometimes it can get overwhelming when you try to incorporate even just a few.

The objective is to work smarter, not harder. If you set morning/nap alarms on your phone, edit them to say an affirmation. When you look at the mirror from washing your hands, say an affirmation to yourself. When you’re on instagram, like right now, you can save this and use it to say an affirmation. If there’s a simple way you can fit one in, why not?

It can take a second to change up your mood, be it good or bad so we hope this helps uplift you.🙏🏽 Which affirmation did you get? ⬇️

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Magick Moods

(Currently Sold Out. Please sign up to our newsletter for future restock announcements.) I Am Prosperous Affirmation Candle now available for preorder! 🔥

It’s the beginning of the month, which is our favorite time to bring a focus towards prosperity! Keep that big money energy flowing and let the Universe know you’re ready to receive beautiful financial blessings. Money is freely circulating all around you. You deserve every bit of abundance just as much as anyone else. Obtaining your share does not mean you are taking it out of another’s.

Release any guilt or shame that you may feel associated to having money. Welcome in the prosperity and enjoy your financial freedom. As soon as you recognize that money is simply energy, the quicker you’ll be able to manifest it at your will.

📍 Limited Quantities Left! DIRECT LINK IN BIO + More Details in Story Updates ⬆️

#magickmoods #meditation #prosperity #abundance  #spiritualgrowth


Magick Moods

When The Universe calls you out and rightfully snatches you all the way back to reality. 😩

Heard loud & clear! Happy Friday 🙌🏽

#magickmoods #positiveenergy #theuniverse #universe


Magick Moods

Update: Currently sold out. Please sign up to our mailing list for future restock announcements. I Release Affirmation Candle now available for preorder! 🕯✨

Thriving out the final quarter of the year, it’s important to shake off any negativity that has tried to cling onto you from 2018. Focusing on the present, you have already made it through some rough patches. There may have been a few stumbles and/or falls but you got up every single time. Even though you’re pushing through, sometimes the energy of those hurdles continue to slow us down. This is why spiritual cleansing is so important. If you’ve noticed that the energy of your other meditations and/or rituals has been moving slower than you’d like, try placing those intents on pause to focus on clearing away stagnant energy. Many may notice their ability to manifest strengthen afterwards.💫

📍Direct Link In BIO + Story Updates ***Very Limited Quantities Left!

#magickmoods #meditation #raiseyourvibrations #spiritualgrowth


Magick Moods

Don’t need a lottery to tell you your worth. Abundance and prosperity is on the way. May it enter your life with no harm and tax freeee!💰✨

Amen. Asé. Inshallah. สาธุ. Deadass. 🙌🏽

#magickmoods #positiveenergy #manifest #prosperity #abundance #highervibrations


Magick Moods

⏰🔥 Preorder Now Available! Our Mercury Retrograde candle is live in the shop. It’s about to be that time of the year again where we have to bring this baby out 🙈 This year’s final round of Mercury Retrograde starts on November 16th and lasts till December 6th. We’re restocking this candle now to get you prepared for this infamous astro event.

Mercury Retrograde really gets a bad rep when it can actually be a very useful time. We made this candle to help give a some extra protection and to open your mind/eyes so that this period can help provide you important knowledge and clarity about certain patterns in your life. Once you realize that you can use retrograde energies to your benefit, there’s not much else to fear about them. Just have to learn how to finesse with the astros.💥

Direct Link IN BIO + Story Updates ⬆️ Order now to ensure that this arrives before the retrograde begins. 📫✨

#magickmoods #positiveenergy #manifest #mercuryretrograde


Magick Moods

Listen, we are personally not really into lotteries and gambling but when a national jackpot starts to approach record breaking highs, a bish can’t help but to wonder/dream. 😩 For those who do plan on playing the next big drawing, here’s a little suggestion for your quick pick.✨

Take your screenshot, see what numbers you get and feel out with your intuition if this looks like a lucky ticket. Comment ⬇️ “I am a winner” after you take your screenshot. Genuinely sending prosperous blessings to each and every one of you!💰

📍Disclaimer: This is just for fun! This is simply a random number generator and is not affiliated with any lottery drawings. You may use this for official drawings at your own costs/risk. Winning combination(s) not guaranteed, however we do accept donations if you hit a big one. Good luck!!!

#magickmoods #positiveenergy #prosperity #abundance #manifest


Magick Moods

🚨Update: Sold Out! Please join our mailing list for restock announcements. Our Crystal Clear candle 🔥 This candle is about all things communication where you can fit just about any intent to use with this candle. Possible uses: looking to hear from a certain someone, boundary setting, good luck in negotiations, throat chakra focus, improving overall communication skills, + more! 🕯✨

With current astro-events going on and more soon to come, it is an important time for boundary setting especially. In a general sense, we may often compromise ourselves or weaken our stance to accommodate for another. While this can be appropriate depending on the setting, this practice can become toxic if regularly done. You were made to speak up for yourself and to stand strong on your own. Make sure that the support you give to others isn’t taking away from the foundation that you need for yourself. Let it be known that you are a force to be reckoned with, loud and clear.

📍Limited Quantities + FREE USA Shipping! MORE DETAILS IN STORY UPDATE 💥

#magickmoods #positiveenergy #personalgrowth #spiritualgrowth #raiseyourvibration


Magick Moods

Just dropping in to wish you the best… hope that’s cool 💗

Comment “I receive” ⤵️ and let the Universe know you’re ready for allllll the blessings intended towards your direction✨

#magickmoods #positiveenergy #gratitude #higherconsciousness #manifest


Magick Moods

Update: Sold out! Sign up for our newsletter for early restock announcements. Our Thank You Universe candle 💥 Full of intent aimed at helping you elevate and manifest by the power of grace and gratitude.

Gratitude is a powerful energy that many underestimate. It’s easy to get lost in focusing on our “lacK”, especially during some tough times. Everyone has their own journey, their own battle but as long as you’re blessed enough to wake up to a new day, that alone is something to be grateful for. Our candles and having these words on the label easily visible in your home are meant to help shift your mind and ignite all the greatness you already have inside of you. 🔥

📍Limited Quantities ➡️ DIRECT LINK IN BIO + IG Story Updates (FREE 🇺🇸 Shipping!) #magickmoods #positiveenergy #gratitude #thankyouuniverse #manifest


Magick Moods

Shout out to every direct deposit that has come through as well as the ones that soon will. 🙌🏽

Sending these vibes out to every/anyone who might need it. May this prayer enter your heart as well as your bank accounts.💰

Comment “I receive” ⤵️ and lets get this shmoney together ✨

#magickmoods  #prosperity #abundance #positiveenergy #gratitude


Magick Moods

Update: SOLD OUT! Please sign up for our newsletter for restock announcements. Our Fuckboy Repellent Candle💥 We believe in the power of living a fuckboy-free life. Some people only stick around just to drain your energy and stunt your growth. Uncover others’ hidden agendas/ulterior motives and protect yourself from unhealthy relationships, both old and new.☀️

Here’s what the label reads:
- “No fuckboy formed against me shall prosper”
- Banish away those who try to disrupt you on your path. These unnecessary beings come in all forms and only stick around to try to lead you towards a road of destruction. Like insects, they are attracted to your light. Little do they know, your aura is impenetrable to all incoming attempts.
- For those who have disguised their true intentions, we rebuke these energies and they are no longer welcome. Effective immediately.

⚠️*Important Note: We do also believe in equality so please don't let the "boy" part fool you. Fuckboys show up in every form. 📍More info in the story updates + direct link in the BIO! ***Limited Quantities! 🔥🔥🔥

#magickmoods #spiritualgrowth #meditation #personalgrowth #higherconsciousness