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Who is in the mood for some beans, plantain and fish?

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.
Have a healthy and productive week ahead.
Appreciate you!


Chicken Stew
Moin-Moin (with Spinach & Egg)

Who is hungry?

Have a wonderful weekend!


About Yesterday's Fun, Colourful Brunch

Akara Pancakes with Bourbon Maple Syrup
Spicy Jolomi Plantains & Potatoes (think Gizdodo)
Fried Egg
Pickled Red Cabbage & Peppers
All kinds of delicious!!! My akara pancakes are great for breakfast, brunch, lunch or an appetizer and satisfy the akara craving without deep frying. A couple of drops of oil is all you need - flat, pan fried akara.

Have a great week people!


Efo Riro
Brown Jasmine Rice
Dodo (fried plantains)

Do you like your efo with rice or swallow (fufu)? Hope you are all having the weekend you want to have.
Appreciate you guys.


Beef & Pickled Red Cabbage Curry
Served with Nori Komi Furikake Rice
(Japanese Seaweed & Sesame Seeds Seasoning)

This curry wakes up and excites your tastebuds - spicy, sweet and tangy with the delicious crunch of the pickled red cabbage.
Have a wonderful weekend!


It's one of those weeks.
I'll cook whatever you want, but please let me be with my delicious plate of linguine.
Mixed Yaji Linguine with chicken, smoked pork belly, ugwu & peppers.

Hope you guys are having a great week.

Back to my pasta...


What's on the menu today?

Jollof Rice
Jerk Pork

Jollof rice and jerk chicken or pork have been a personal favorite for years. Now, everyone keeps asking for it.
Would you like some?
What's on your menu for Sunday lunch/dinner?

Hope everyone out there is having an inspiring, peaceful Sunday.


Ggbagba Kpogiri (Egusi Pepper Soup)

We crave what we crave and I was craving gbagba kpogiri.
If you have had gbagba fofo (okra pepper soup), this is her sister.
It is an Itsekiri dish with no added oil, so very suitable for those on a low fat diet.
If you want to be really healthy, make it with fish and serve with a healthy swallow like oatmeal.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


Have a wonderful weekend and a great month ahead!
I hope June brings all the success you deserve.
Appreciate you.


Potato Salad

It's all about the dressing.
Please don't use that awful "Salad Cream" so many of my people like.
It's easy to whip up a much better dressing in minutes

My Potato Salad Dressing:

Mustard of your choice (I prefer Dijon)
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
Lemon zest
Hot sauce
Black pepper
Granulated Garlic (I don't like the smooth white garlic powder)
Maple syrup (real maple syrup not fake syrup), honey or a pinch of sugar

Don't overcook your potatoes! Combine your cooled potatoes with chopped red onions, chives (no chives, fresh parsely and/or spring onions will do) and some chopped boiled eggs (one for 4-5 LARGE potatoes). Add the dressing and top with sliced boiled eggs, chives and paprika.

More detailed recipes coming on my site

Have a great week people!


Jerk Pork!

It pairs nicely with jollof rice.
Another dish from the pork lovers weekend.
Have a fabulous, productive and healthy week!


Bacon Fried Rice

Another dish from the pork lovers weekend extravaganza.
Guess what they had it with?
Yup, more pork... 😯😉