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"Lead a quiet life and work with your hands..."
1Thess. 4:11

I needed some shop time today. I had a couple pieces of scrap walnut, a 1/4" chisel and a spare hour, so I made my very first mortise and tenon joint. A little tiny one. It's gap city, but it's mine and I love it.


It's #followfriday! This is Karen @lavarnwaydesigns. She's a momma, a seriously kick-butt furniture maker, and a super hero. (For real. She's a firefighter!) She's currently working on a reclaimed top metal base table and it's going to look amazing. Go check out her awesome builds!


Woodworking has taken a serious backseat for the past couple weeks... and for the next few. In its place though are some pretty cute faces.
I spent last week with my nieces and nephews while my sister and brother in law were out of town.
In the next couple weeks, we'll be moving. Not far, only 5 miles away, but packing up is about the same regardless of mileage.

In addition, school starts up in a few weeks and my kids' teacher (that'd be me) is a major slacker this year getting started with planning and curriculum. 🙋🏼‍♀️ 🤦🏼‍♀️ So, while I'll still be visiting Instagram as a means to procrastinate from everything else I SHOULD be doing, posts will be few and far between until things settle down a bit.
Thanks, friends, for keeping up your own posts so I have things to distract me from the growing pile of boxes and mess that is currently my living space! I really do appreciate it 😁


Just in case you didn't know, @mf_woodbutcher is hosting an auction to raise money for @dnr_woodworks to help recover some of his losses from a flood. I have a mosaic up for bid right now, go to Eddie's page @mf_woodbutcher, outbid Wendy @pursuitofhappymess and help out Dominic!


@dnr_woodworks had a huge flood and @mf_woodbutcher
is hosting an auction to help him restore and recover some of what he lost. Please go visit Eddie's page @mf_woodbutcher to bid on this beautiful canary wood bluetooth speaker made by @slumberyardhandcrafted and watch @mf_woodbutcher's page and stories this week for more awesome items donated by great makers to help out. And if you can't buy anything, you can help by promoting the heck out of it!


My in-laws are headed to Alaska for a week and they invited all of us along! I'm so excited to be able to go, and even more to spend a bunch of time off with family. See y'all back here in a week!


Happy #followfriday! Go check out Katie and Antoine @lumber.jaxsons! This awesome husband-wife team builds and finishes beautiful furniture and they do it all together with their 10 kids (and 2 dogs). I just love that you get to see them all working, playing, and garage-dance-partying it up on the regular! Also, their kids are some of the cutest faces on all of The Instagrams. Keep up the awesome work, guys!


I made Paul's "poor man's marking gauge" to help with marking my dovetail jigs. It worked! Things rarely go perfectly as planned, so when they do, even on a tiny project, it's exciting!


Two failed attempts and some hours later, and I'm ready to start over 😬 I'm gonna get it though. Eventually. #woodworkfail #notreallythough #learningwhatnottodo


#motivationmonday Trying new things! I'm making a dovetail jig and determined to do it all by hand. Until today, I've never made a square cut by hand and wasn't too hopeful I could do it, but with the help of my *super-fancy marking knife there, a sharp chisel, and YouTube, it happened!
Go surprise yourself and do something new this week!

*not actually a super-fancy marking knife.


Happy #ToolSharpeningSaturday! I'm pretty sure that's not a thing, but it's happening anyway. I moved on from my plane to my cheap set of home depot chisels. It's taken about 2 hours so far to flatten and sharpen them, but it's worth it to have them working as well as they can. Here's the result in some white oak endgrain.


HAPPY FRIDAYYYYY! If you're not already following her, go follow Lesley @oakandfeatherdecor! She makes gorgeous signs and takes you along with her for the whole process. It's awesome! Her stories are mostly hilarious, and sometimes heartwarming, and always honest and real, as she's CRUSHING IT balancing work and super-mom life! Also, she's almost to 6k, so go say congratulations and enter her giveaway!