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So excited I finally got some super juicy #Amethyst moon beauties back in stock 🙌🏻🔮😻🌙 ($39) on any length chain, limited stock available ! These are one of my favorites full of good vibes + perfect for all you February babies (like me ) 🌈 Xoxoxo
*if you would like one of these made in gold, brass or copper just leave me a note in the comment box at checkout 💕


Over the next few weeks before Valentine’s Day I will be listing lots of #OneofAkind crystals & display pieces. Here is one that i am particularly fond of ☺️ 9” tall polished self standing #Amethyst tower. This beauty is sold🔮 xoxoxo
#rocks #crystals #Aquarius #magic
*so if you want crystals this then tag your lover 😘😆


A random #snowDay last week ❄️☺️💕💚
Presley Jane loved it. #HomeSweetHome


Don’t ever give anyone the power to dim your light.⭐️✨☀️💎🔮 #YouAreLight #AngelAura #crystals #magic


#SweaterWeather POLL BELOW😊💕❄️
This Cozy embroidered sweater coat with pockets + hood is my new favorite item on my @freespiritloveshop website 🙌🏻
What do y’all think ? & also i would love to do a #POLL ...
*What types of clothing items are y’all purchasing this time of year ?* please #comment below to help me..
this time of year it is so tough to stock clothes lol.
Photo by @sarah_joiner hair by @stephanierunyan 💎 if you live in the #atlanta area i recommend both of them!


Good morning lovelies 🌸🌸🤗🤗💓💓
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway in my previous post for a chance to win one of these mini #rosequartz towers 🙌🏻 They are also available & ready to ship in my Etsy shop, $13 each. *link in bio*


❄️Welcome to the Enchanted Winter Giveaway❄️ A creative loop where 21 shops will choose 20 lucky winners! •
I will be giving away :: 👉🏼 A mini rose quartz tower 👈🏼
To enter: 👇🏼

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The giveaway will close January 21st at 8pm EST. Winners will be chosen and announced within 48 hours by each individual shop!

Good luck and thank you for all of your support🙏🏻

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Living each day in #Gratitude takes practice. 💕 Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up on the little things that are bothering you or even big things and we forget everything we have to be thankful for. When you live with an attitude of gratitude you are constantly sending out #positive energy into the universe which in turn attracts more positivity to you !
Ways to practice gratitude:
🌸leave yourself daily notes of what you have to be #thankful for - it can be in a journal, on sticky notes or even in your phone.
⭐️Remeber to always say #thankyou If someone does something nice for you, call them and say thank you. This not only makes that person feel good, it will make you feel happy too.
🔮#Meditate or sit in silence for a few minutes each day (i find it is best to do this in the morning) and concentrate on only positive things in your life.
🌼Make a vision board & watch yourself achieve #goals faster than you could ever imagine! When you actually put energy into the things you desire instead of just “wishing” they would randomly happen then your dreams actually begin to realize themselves !
🌹Create a letter board with a positive affirmation each day or find a positive quote to focus on each day, make that your #mantra for the day!
☀️Understand that #change is constant. Things may be tough right now, but they aren’t going to stay that way. We must be thankful for just that ! Because of change life doesn’t get stale & we are constantly surprised, the possibilities are endless & you have the power to make the changes you want, you just have to #believe in your ability to do so.
Xoxo, Mal ☺️ photo from @plantfolk


Channeling #PennyLane 😄🌸💓🙌🏻🔮🌈
Just wanted to post a PSA that i just did a huge website update over at @FREESPIRITLOVESHOP ⭐️ it features a bunch of new bell bottoms + fun sweaters + kimonos & a few one of a kind purses! Hope y’all love everything i picked out 🔮💕 FREESPIRITLOVESHOP.COM
Picture by @sarah_joiner ❣️ #flowerchild #bohemian #hippie #bellbottoms #fashion #fp #uo #stevemillerband
Hair by @stephanierunyan


A few of these beauties left 🔮💜💎
$12 each. The perfect gift or crystal for any #february baby ⭐️ *link in bio*
Also, as you can see we had a random snow day lol


#AMETHYST metaphysical info🔮💜
New amethyst mini towers are available & ready to ship ($12 each) only 10 available.
*having fun playing with my new #letterboard .. who else has one of these ? Can’t wait to leave myself inspirational notes on this each week ! What a fun way to meditate ! ☺️👏🏻


Let’s go with this: Congratulations @rachelwhite18 @smulvaney20 you’ve been selected as our winners! Please email with your ig handle and mailing info to coordinate your prize. Thanks! 💞