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💥🌱 AMAZING! During the closing Ceremony of the South Korea Olympics this commercial staring Olympic medalists aired to over 5 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS across America on NBC (including in LA, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Washington DC).
This is an absolutely ground-breaking commercial and shows the progress that is being made to raise awareness of the negative impact of dairy consumption.
Dairy and Hip Fractures: Advertisements push dairy for strong bones but research begs to differ. Drinking 2+ glasses of milk per day increased womens’ risk of hip fracture by 45%[1]. Those getting the recommended 3+ glasses per day had a 60% [2] greater hip fracture rate. For truly strong bones, shift your focus to fruits and vegetables[3]: Women eating twice the fruit had 5% denser bones[4].
Dairy and Prostate Cancer: Our sons have a 1 in 9[5] chance of developing prostate cancer throughout their lifetimes. By drinking milk each day during adolescence, they increase their risk of advanced prostate cancer by more than threefold[6]. When explored across 42 countries, milk was the food most[7] closely linked to both developing prostate cancer and dying from it. Men who bypass dairy and eat a plant-based diet on the other hand, cut their risk of prostate cancer by 35%[8].
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