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Angles, it's all about that 90 degrees 💅🏾

Hamtramck, Michigan

I had an old camera developed recently and it reminded me of how much things CHANGE . The majority of the pictures were with someone I'm no longer friends with , and of times that seem so long ago . But in those moments it felt like EVERYTHING , like those things would never end and this was LIFE . But those things did end and I'm still figuring this whole thing out . How can we tell as time goes one what's going to stay and what's going to go ? But MORE than that how do we see that and figure out what's worth keeping and what's worth giving up ?

Sunrise Hwy

So I guess it's #nationalboyfriendday or something, but he's really my best friend first . He was there for me when my grandma passed away , helped me get out of a career that I was terribly unhappy in for years , and reminds me all the time that he's got my back no matter what . He's by far the best boyfriend I've ever had , but more than that he's the best friend I've ever had . Find your best friend , you won't regret it ✨💕

The Russell Industrial Center

When your goal is to be a shimmering disco ball 🍾✨

temple bar

Another love story tonight 💕Congrats to my main lady @hans_b123 on her beautiful wedding to her best friend !

The Northfork Estate

To this time last year when glitter roots were having a moment and I'm so extra that I went on a 20 mile night bike ride with a denim jumpsuit and glitter glued to my head 🙆🏽😉💅🏾🎉

Hamtramck, Michigan

Summer is trying really hard to hang on , and my wardrobe isn't mad either 👅✌🏾️My boo took this of me in the market yesterday , where it felt like a summer day 🍍🌶

Eastern Market Corporation

Domo arigato misuta Robotto


"In a world of trends , I want to remain a classic " - Iman

The Robey Hotel

Old porch hangs at the Melrose Place , the most interesting compound I ever lived at . Once a plant lady , always a plant lady ✨


RIP to my old apartment and the most perfect pair of Levi's I ever owned 😭🍑 #tbt


"Don't I look like a Halle Berry poster, see the Belvedere playin' tricks on ya " 📸 @chellsbellsss

Detroit, Michigan

My best friends got married this weekend ya'll and @chellsbellsss was the most stunning bride ! Lucky to have this guy with me for the rest of the wedding season 😊🙆🏽💕

Zingerman's Cornman Farms

When @therealeve and @gwenstefani went on vacation last year and showed up to the pool with the same aesthetic 💅🏾🙆🏽🍾

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur