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Gonna be alright Video Out Now!

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Pictures of the days passed . Love and Progress all between . @itsgregharper Always Coming thru for me ! & when he adds , He Comes Thru! Thank you Man & to @seizeanddesist for providing the pieces !! Always Solid , if you want the look check them out .
Birmingham, Columbia, Charlotte , Atlanta, Augusta , Bridgeport, & all of Connecticut ..Thank You All ! Radio Reps, Dj's , my boy @iamchewy5 down there on the block ! Motion in the trenches wit em @djslo94 ! The amazing Kid Aiden who I was blessed to meet w his Godmother and Mom at the station . @thatdudedeon and pastor Kenneth Moales Jr. down at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit . Blessings to the leader and the people there . Now to LA


Atlanta I couldn't leave all of you in distress. I'm staying a little longer. I know all the evacuees are nervous and a little irritated out in this Atlanta traffic, but while we wait to see what happens with our homes , churches and schools ; let's be grateful for our family members opening their doors. Thank You All.
for those who don't have support out here or those who are supporting and NEED Support with it, come see us Sunday after church and get a refill on Everything ! Come relax , let the kids play a little bit, listen to some music , musicians bring ya chops , and singers .. Here's the Moment ! Heal Us First & the Rest will come . Come Be in the Liberty. And to all my Sponsors : AGI Ent , Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church , @hot97 , All the Floridans , the Evacuees from the South. I'll stand with y'all as we see what happens with the weather and our families


I gave my younger sister away today ; it was new . #CongratulationsAhyletria
Deeply Honored , Perspective Shifted ,
Heart Full. Today was a good Day. #Releases&Trusts


..they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well here's 6 racks of em! Overflowing emotion & love for my brother @thatdudedeon . Beyond the Struggle I See who You are in it ; and you inspire me. In Life , Facing It's Ending , and I already Know & believe After Life as well.
@bowtyetrib the LIVING Epistle & Lasting Legend ! Stand with me man . From the beginning , to son of man , to now . Take over the Holy Land , No Cross Just Christ! Love you guys

Orlando, Florida

Creamed Out with the @boohoousa short fit. #RosiesNRachis On clouds with angels. @Seannitta & Greg , #TwoEggs #DayToDaySwigs


Laced Me. @boohoomanofficial @boohoousa @boohoo #SpideySox @dewserworldpeace @nike #GoldHirachis , Military Sleeveless @tribekelley & Joy. #Greg & @seannita always On point !


#SharpiePenAmen @sharpie ..Too My Own; which when the world gets better .. is everyone.
#malimusic #lightOn #etches #texts #written #NotForLikes #SimplyForThought Respond With Action, not texts . Live Again .
A fit body with an oppressed mind kneels first when the enemies come. Only a mind to Live stands to fight .


Feels good to be back NYC! Who's coming out tonight? #TheTransitionOfMali #MaliMusic #BBKingNYC


NEW YORK CITY!!! Catch me LIVE @bbkingbluesnyc on Saturday July 15. Get your tickets now 'cause it's goin' down!



I Love Video Shoots #malimusic #transistionofmali #bystorm


Father's Day in the Chi with You & @barrybrewerjr ! We goin off , be there ..
#SuperTeam #Partnership #ChicagoLove #Comedy&Kingdom #Truth #DaysAway


Memphis!! Fall Thru tonight at 9 pm @ New Friendship So we can Sing some songs !!
1490 Gold Ave. Memphis, TN #COME


Join me tonight on @REVOLTTV’s #RevoltJustice at 7pm with @soledadobrien, @usher, and @troubleman31 to talk about #SocialJustice and #CivilRights.


The #transitionofMali is Out Now


Here's the Track List for the Album guys . #TransitionOfMali Coming June 2nd


"Oh, I got a song to sing
And it's a song about hope for you
It's a song about faith
I see all that you are going through
And it's gonna to be alright." Check out the official visual for #GonnaBeAlright exclusively on @Billboard:


It's ON tho! BET Facebook page 5:30pm


Album Release Date: 6/2 #transitionofMali


Yep.. at square1 wit @bjthechicagokid -- A Fresh alliance is formed. #EyesUp #ManifestationOfTheSons #WeAllInHere #SomethinWorthPosting


BTS from the 'Gonna Be Alright' Video Shoot . #SureProgress @iamjalexander is a Beast and put this together for me! #BenGriffinDirector #Bystorm #ProcessingThruTransition


Holding music in my hands again. Thanks @josejamesmusic for an amazing project and for doing it RIGHT! Congrats bro #RealMusicUp #ArtistToBelieveIn @daythree_tario #WAX #inspiring


Yes. It's time. Video is next , touring, then the album . #EyesUp #ReadyOrNot produced by : Salaam Remi @salaamremi #StayTuned


#TheAnswer @djslo94 and I about to march to warfare in Accra, Ghana at the Empowerment Worship Center . #BattleBorn #HappyNewYears Everyone ! Especially my Core , my Family, & my Kingdom Kin. Here's to a great year. Saying bye bye to the former thing & Pressing forward Towards it! #LetsGo


Watching Greatness at Work on the Post production set of #Revival with #Dawnn_Lewis @hotalicious_auntied , who is showing me how it's done! #Blessed


New Looks with the Good people @lincolnmotorco Check it out !! New Music Involved #Cryin #MaliMusic LINK IN BIO


We coming to Sacramento tomorrow night y'all! Come through