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👑 Beautiful Queen E L Z A was born in circus , saved by private person who had no more financy to take care ... then saved by #malkiapark
Did you know she is Malkia’s mom and also Diego’s mom? She came to MP not castrated and we had to wait ‘til she gave birth to Diego... so finally she is 🙏🏻 no more cubs ❌
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🙏🏻 #Repost @lionrecovery
Why does the world need LIONS ? Here are two simple reasons:
1) Lions play a critical role in keeping the food chain in order, helping to regulate herbivore species, such as zebra and buffalo. By controlling their numbers, lions ensure Africa's fragile eco-systems remain in balance.
2) The African lion is a global symbol, signifying power, intelligence, and strength. Thousands of people from around the world travel to Africa to see lions. Tourism is a major boost to African economies and lions continue to be the biggest attraction.
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Heartbreaking news 💔 S U D A N the last male nothern white rhino has passed 😢 It’s very sad what mankind is doing ...how the senseless killing is taking the animals to extintions 😡 Pls WAKE UP AND RAISE AWARENESS 🙌🏻 Be the voice for voiceles 🐾 SAVE the ones who left 🍀🙏🏻
Rest In Peace SUDAN ❤️
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Rp from @dp4k.m - #Repost @disunitythefilm
Just like we know that our time in this world is limited, we knew that your days on earth would also come to an end. Still, when the message came through to say you were here no more, it was still somehow a surprise. We saw you only last month, sleeping in the shade, hiding away from the harsh midday sun. It was obvious that your time was coming to an end and even with the best medical attention, it showed us that no one can outrun death, not even being the last male of your kind.
On behalf of humanity, we want to say sorry;
Sorry for not fighting for your kind sooner,
Sorry for thinking we had more time,
Sorry we let you down and by that, sorry to the future generations of this planet who won’t be able to see your magnificent specie roaming Africa once again.
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Happy Tuesday everyone 🙌🏻
“If you don’t have a smile , I’ll give you one of mine.” 😁
M a l k i a Queen is ready with her smile for all of you 😻
Give a smile get a smile 😉🐾
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The fate of a female S u m a t r a n T I G E R called BONITA is now at stake.
Sumatran tigers are being threatened by rampant territory loss, and with the encroachment of human settlements and plantations, tigers venture closer to humans for food.
Two cases of Sumatran tiger attacks have been recorded in an Indonesian village since January.
In early January a woman named Jumiati; palm oil laborer was killed by a tiger. Then some time later a construction worker named Yusri was also a victim.

Now the anger of local villagers is reaching conflict levels, as locals set out to murder the responsible cat; a tigress called Bonita. If in a certain time the authorities (Nature Conservation Agency) do not kill the tiger, the citizens will do so themselves without subjection to any legal ramifications. Time is running out for Bonita. If you know of any tiger, or wildlife charities who can help find a solution, please help us contact them, or leave suggestions for charities in the comments. WE CAN’T LET BONITA BE KILLED.
#Repost @savethetiger #savebonita #savethetiger #savesumatrantiger #savesumatra #sumatrantiger Oh no 💔 Please the animals are the victims 🐯 this can not happen 🙏🏻
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My one and only Queen who gave me the meaning and the reason why to help other captive cats and animals from bad conditions 🐾🙏🏻 Love you forever M A L K I A ❤️
Happy Monday to you all and successful week 🙌🏻🍀
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Have you ever been on Safari vacation in Africa? 🌍
Which tour guides are responsible and respectful toward the animals ... any reccomendations ? . . .
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Update from the field - @gerryvanderwalt @jmunsterteiger and @kenleyian are having an incredible time in the Mara.
This is what they saw this morning on game drive.
How incredibly special and such a privilege to see.
Video credits: @kenleyian .
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F a l c o 🐯
👉🏼 To show happiness, tigers squint or close their eyes, this is because losing vision lowers defense, so tigers (and many other cats) only purposefully do so when they feel comfortable and safe.
On this photo Falco was yawning 👅 It’s a rainy day 😏 we are all sleepy 🙈
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⚠️ A very SAD and IMPORTANT reminder for those, who are still thinking about to ride an elephant 🐘 Please be a responsible tourist in the world and inspite of supporting animal abuse support your health and soul and ride bicycles NOT elephants 🙏🏻 #Repost @cristinakitty11
This heartbreaking video shows the kind of torture that elephants endure just so that people can ride them. Baby elephants are torn away from their mothers and beaten until they comply with the cruel training called Phajaan. The aim of the Phajaan program is to 'break their spirit'.
Babies will be kept in small crates, their feet will be tied with ropes, their limbs will be stretched, they will be repeatedly beaten with sharp metal and other tools, they will be constantly yelled and screamed at, and they will be starved of food. Bull hooks will be used to stab the head, slash the skin and tug the ears.
The Phajaan may last for weeks and they have no rest from physical torture and mental domination. Gradually, their spirits break and their handlers achieve control.
Tourists’ money drives this cruelty. Never visit elephant camps or take elephant rides, and only visit accredited sanctuaries. Tell friends and family about the realities of the elephant tourism trade, and urge everyone you know to stay away from “attractions” that fuel the industry that trades, tortures, and imprisons elephants. (📽️ @SaveElephantFoundation)
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