Mandav Prakash@mandav_prakash

Doing #GoingBack Project with his Kodak C1013.
Explorer of music,literature,photography and art for expressing of emotions.
Enjoy a stroll though.

Roll: Honor 8/Phone
Just a finger picking doodle.

Cort AC 120CE
Boss CS-3 Compressor
Fender Mustang V2 Amp
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Ripples: Honor 8 /Phone
How long has it been,
Till the ripples have come as tides for you,
Has it hit back as tsunami to you,
And shaken your world.


Reflect as thy wish: Honor 8 /Phone
On side note does anyone else have Climacophobia (fear of climbing ladders). It is not to be confused with acrophobia (a fear of heights) or illyngophobia (a fear of vertigo). Interesting, that we superior beings are phobic of things that are hidden part of our body reflex system.


Place: Sony A6000
Escaping through the tiniest of spaces,
Let me make my home in your heart,
In that void that you hide in,
And paint up your life with pastels of life,
Fill up those empty walls with memories,
To be cherish for lifetime.
Swipe to see it all, paranoma crop as well as the original one piece.


Tired :Sony A6000
Long awaited weekends,
Don't provide relief to me,
Which the rain does,
This petrichor diaries are for one timers,
For the pluviophile,
It is every rain is to be.


Hidden :Sony A6000
How do you find it,
When it is hidden in the plain sight,
Would you open your eyes,
And look a little far beyond the normal sight?


Orange:Sony A6000


Open and Covered : Sony A6000
Another one of the panorama crop, kindly swipe slowly to get the full fun of it.

In Frame:@bluee_levo
Inspired by @zachallia


Marks: Sony A6000
I'm still left with set of these. DM me if anyone wants a set.
These are bookmarks that I made out of my artwork.


Stories: Sony A6000
How do you make stories,
Based on the memories,
Those drama and expressions,
The betrayal and trust,
Everything adds on to it,
Surrounding becomes the stage,
Self thoughts become the soliloquy,
And the moment becomes the scene,
Life phase becomes the act,
Which we love to go and back,
And wish we had tried something different that act,
How do you make stories,
Sometimes it is only your deeds,
To fulfil someone's need,
And believe that it will go on,
Like we hope to believe.

Old shot from @bluee_levo shot, tried out paranoma crop for a change. Maybe will experiment more on it.


Life Lessons: Facing the Problem by Serious Sam
Swipe to right to see complete.

Sound On!

Got bored and record some footage off. Check it out.

If you like this then let me know maybe I will put more of these here.
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Oscillation: Sony A6000
Will be try to edit more of stuff and keep on posting here and there.
Swipe till the end.

Yamaha RGX A2
Fender Mustang V2
Carl Martin Red Repeat
Carl Martin Surf Tremlo
Boss CS-3
Boss RC-3
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