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I just want to say thank you to all of my friends and family who reached out to me and keep my Mother in their prayers. My Mother was beautiful in every way and taught me the values I needed to become the best version of myself. It’s hard to accept the fact I will never physically be able to hug and kiss her again,she loved me so much as I did her. I will always feel the pain as part of my heart has truly been broken. The kind words from people were greatly appreciated during this difficult time. My Father is still dealing with this tragedy while still continuing to be the best Dad to my sister and I. My wife has been so supportive and I love her dearly. My twins Emily and Jordan are my heartbeats and My Mother adored them so much. I know I may never fully heal from this tragedy but I will continue to be the best Father, Husband, friend I can be because I know a lot of people care about me. Mom you’re in a better place so you no longer have to suffer, I promise to raise my babies right and carry on the legacy you created. @phillygrl139 @lg2185 @victoriaand_me @wgteach #thankyou #family #friends #love #grandma #mother #rip #iloveyou #weloveyou #imissyou #brokenheart #yourson


Today was the hardest day of my life as I got to see my Mother one last time before she rests in peace forever. My Mother was such a beautiful, smart woman who loved her family and friends. Mom I know you will be watching over us,I hope I made you proud as your first born and only son. Emily and Jordan will miss their Grandma, I know you loved them both so much. I wish you could see all the love you are receiving from our family and friends, you touched their hearts. My Father has been so strong through this rough time,we love you and will always be there for you. My Mother and Father raised my sister and I to be good people. It hurts me so much inside that I will never physically see you again but I know you are in a better place now living with the Lord. God called you home on January 20, 2018 and today January 26, 2018 we will give you the proper burial that you deserve. I would like to thank all my family and friends for all the prayers and kind words that were deeply appreciated. Family is everything and I promise to teach my children the value of life. Always keep your family close and tell them you love them, it only takes a minute. Kelly I Love You so much, you are the best Wife and Mother I could have asked for, you’ve always been by my side no matter the circumstances. From a son to his Mother, I will never forget you and your memories will always live through all of us Rest In Peace. @phillygrl139 @victoriaand_me @wgteach @lg2185 #rip #mom #iloveyou #weloveyou #family #friends #grandma #yourson #love #gardenofpeace #pennsylvania #tillwemeetagain #iloveyoudad #iloveyoumom

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Mom, thank you for giving me life and raising me right. Thank you for working hard everyday so that we could move to a better place. Thank you for showing me the right path to lead to avoid any serious danger. Thank you for letting me make some mistakes so I could learn from them. Thank you for being a Mother to me and my sister. Thank you for loving Emily and Jordan so much, I know you will be watching them grow. Thank you for being you and teaching us to always follow our hearts. Thank you for always being there when we needed you. My heart is broken after finding out yesterday God called you home. Thank you Mom you will never be forgotten, we will always cherish the memories we shared.To my Dad I am so sorry you have to go through this right now but your family is here for you. This is the toughest pain I have ever felt but I will be strong for my family. To all my family and friends thanks in advance for all your love and support, tell your loved ones you Love them everyday because everyone’s Life is precious. I Love You Mom.

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I can’t stand Women wearing Uggs now so called Men are wearing them! @uggs_fashion #uggly #ihatethem #barberianshoes #nowmen #idonotapprove #why #uggs #justsayno #notinmyhouse #realmenweartimbs #sorry


Emily and Jordan know how to throw a party! I can’t believe my babies are two years old,walking talking,and exploring the world we live in. Yesterday we celebrated with friends and family, you felt the love in the room. Happy Birthday to the future, Emily and Jordan! @phillygrl139 #happybirthday #2 #emily #jordan #twins #family #friends #love #ilovethem #welovethem #blessed #lifeisgood


Happy 2nd Birthday to my 2 heartbeats Emily and Jordan! 2 years ago at 11:43pm my life changed forever when you guys were born, your Mother and I never knew this kind of love and happiness. You both deserve the world and we will give you all the love it takes to be the best version of yourself! We love you to the moon and back, Happy 2nd Birthday! @phillygrl139 @lg2185 @wgteach @victoriaand_me #happybirthday #2 #growingfast #emily #jordan #twins #iloveyou #weloveyou #blessed #family #lifeisgood #proudparents


R.I.P. Joe 22 years later and we still love and miss you! #joeb #rip #22years #wemissyou #neverforgotten #99c #happynewyearsbrother #manestylz


I confiscated this from a student today who honestly admitted that these were spitballs he planned to throw around! I hope he spends as much time reading as it took him to make all these spitballs and put them in a ziploc bag! #spitballs #ziploc #hewashonest #jhs #readabook #whodoesthis #youcantmakethisup


Emily and Jordan turn 23 months today! I am so proud of the little people they are becoming, I feel blessed everyday watching them explore the whole world that awaits them. I will always be there to cheer you on as you both grow into the responsible adults we raised you to be! Thank you for choosing me as your Father, I love you both to the moon and back! @phillygrl139 #23months #twins #emily #jordan #iloveyou #weloveyou #blessed #family #proudfather #thankyou #lifeisgood #theworldisyours @nas #almost2