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As a charity, we co-ordinate global efforts to research & conserve mobulid rays & their habitats.
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"Whoopi, one of our favorite resident female Manta Rays. Casually swims by on a beautiful winters day in Coral Bay."


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"One of my favourite manta ray moments. #mantamonday
Taken onboard @ningaloomarineinteractions
Shooting with @aquatech_imagingsolutions"


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"Oceanic manta rays are among the most inquisitive animals I've been lucky enough to encounter while diving the world's Oceans. When you look them in the eye you get the distinct feeling they are just as curious about you as you are of them. #curiousmanta #gentlegiants #bigandbrainy #mantaray #oceanicmanta @mantatrust"


In Roman mythology Juno was the wife of Jupiter and the queen of the heavens. In the Maldives Juno is a gorgeous big-momma manta who we've been sighting since the Maldivian Manta Ray Projected was first established!

To adopt this ocean goddess see the link in our bio.

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Spotted eagle rays at Rasdhoo Madivaru, Rasdu Atoll in the Maldives. Large groups of spotted eagle rays are often seen outside of breeding season. They swim close to the surface and can occasionally be seen jumping clear out of the water.

Did you know, this very distinctive ray has a rounded and pointed snout - which almost resembles a bird’s beak? The heavy dental plates are used to crush their hard-shelled prey (such as bivalve shellfish). They also have a long, ship-like tail which bears 2-6 spines. 📷 @mantaguy

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Back in 2002, Giant mantas (Mobula birostris) were a common sight at La Reina, off Cerralvo Island, Gulf of California. However, after that year they were gone, probably because of overfishing. Today, we celebrate that mantas are back! A few weeks ago one of our partners, Erick Higuera @erick.higuera , tagged for the first time a juvenile chevron giant manta at La Reina with a satellite transmitter. This will help us understand its movements, migratory patterns, and diving behavior. Stay tuned for more information about this project that we carry out in collaboration with Erick Higuera (Pelagic Life), Dení Ramírez @deni.ramirez.macias (Whale Shark México), and Georgina Saad @la_panter (WWF Mexico)⠀
🎥 Erick Higuera @erick.higuera 🎥
En 2002 era común ver mantas gigantes (Mobula birostris) en La Reina, cerca de Isla Cerralvo, Golfo de California. Sin embargo, después de ese año, desaparecieron, probablemente debido a la sobrepesca. ¡Hoy celebramos que las mantas han regresado! Hace unas semanas uno de nuestros socios, Erick Higuera, marcó por primera vez una manta gigante chevron juvenil en La Reina con un transmisor satelital. Esto nos ayudará a entender sus movimientos, patrones migratorios, y comportamiento de buceo. Manténgase al tanto de nuestros avances sobre este proyecto que realizamos en colaboración con Erick Higuera (@pelagic_life ), Dení Ramírez (@whalesharkmexico ) y Georgina Saad (@wwf_mexico ).⠀
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Did you know that the word manta is Spanish for cloak or blanket? Look at all of these beautiful blankets photographed by Simon of our Maldivian Manta Ray Project.⠀

📷 @s.hilbourne

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HAPPY #SHARKWEEK! 🦈💙🦈💙🦈💙🦈💙🦈💙🦈💙 We love any excuse to celebrate these incredible animals that are close relatives of manta rays because sharks are fascinating! For example, did you know that the earliest sharks evolved over 420 million years ago, meaning they have been on the planet for longer than trees and have survived four mass extinction events.

Today there are over 500 known species of shark including: the Greenland shark which scientists have recently discovered can live to over 400 years; the shortfin mako shark that can reach speeds of over 60 mph whilst hunting prey; and of course the beautiful whale shark (photographed) that can filter 600, 000 litres of water an hour whilst guzzling plankton! What's your favourite shark? 📷 @s.hilbourne @Scubography

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MANTA BABY ALERT! We received some exciting news last week from the Maldivian Manta Ray Project team about Turtle, one of our best known Maldivian mantas. This gorgeous girl was sighted a few weeks ago heavily pregnant, and then again last week without her bump; so somewhere in the ocean is a brand new, miniature manta ❤️ Turtle has been recorded as a 'manta momma' three times before so this is, at least, her fourth baby.

See the link in our bio to adopt Turtle!

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"Apparently it’s #WorldEmojiDay - double tap if you want to see a MANTA RAY emoji created! 🦋 What’s your favorite ocean or environmental themed emoji? 🦈🐢🐳
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"I photographed my first story for @natgeo magazine in 2008, it was about a unique manta ray “feeding frenzy” in the Maldives. For this story I had the good fortune to work closely with marine scientist Guy Stevens @mantaguy who taught me everything I know about mantas. Since then 10 years have passed and Guy founded the conservation charity the @mantatrust , completed his PhD and wrote the first book on these iconic and charismatic rays. Today is his 40th birthday so please follow @mantaguy and send him some birthday wishes! Happy birthday buddy !!!"