Manu Ginobili@manuginobili

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;

New York. New York.


Very cool visit to SpaceX! 🚀
Loved it.


Un par de líneas para agradecer a la hermosa banda de delirantes que vinieron ayer al Madison y me hicieron sentir en casa. ¡¡Gracias!!


🇺🇲 Quite an unexpected sight of San Antonio. First interaction of the kids with the snow. A hit!! 🇦🇷 Vista muy inusual de San Antonio después de la nevada de anoche. Primera interacción de los enanos con la nieve. Un éxito!


20 años con esta belleza! 💕


Previa Milwaukee y Chicago. Actualidad Deportiva y Podcasts.
Video completo en el link de mi Bio. ✌️


La mañana después del debut. 😥
Video completo en el link de la Bio.


There are things happening in our communities that need our attention.

We understand your desire to attend our games as an escape and chosen form of entertainment. In that, we feel there is significant commonality in all of us that allows our community to be so special.

That commonality should include aspirations for social justice, freedom of speech in its many forms, and equal opportunity for education and economic advancement regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

It is our hope that we can, as a community, inspire and evoke real change. We ask that you join with us in your daily lives in the pursuit of equality.

And in that, we honor our country by exercising demands for what this great nation has promised and what our military continues to fight for.


Ok my good friend! I guess we'll be seeing each other quite often in the next few months... ✈️


Training Camp - Día 5 + Detrás de escena de los comerciales de HEB.


Picnic time for this year's #hebcommercials.


Training Camp - Day 4 (in English)


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