Marco Oliveri@marco_polo824

RPI Track and Field
Class of 2020

Gotta love the support from @scherbdan #nonreversebecuasethereverseishard


She gave me life, love, my identity, and the opportunity to be who I wanted. I am so grateful. Siempre te querré.


We’re making moves. Still plenty of room to grow #whoops #mistakesweremade #medalswerewon


I’m so lucky to be able to mix the sport I love with my best friends. Thanks guys


If your sister isn’t your partner in crime, somethings wrong 🦑🦑 miss you @natalia.oliveri


Comfortable mock meet today, 39.75 in disc and 40.99 in hammer. #whyismarkshapirosogood #dashingmylibertyleaguedreamstopieces


We’re still a little rusty from indoor but here’s a little taste of what practice with @officialjameslink and me is like #throwing #snowiswet #ihatecanadiangeese


She’s got an attitude that you just can’t beat, but that’s only one of the reasons I’m in love with her ❤️❤️ happy Valentine’s Day Lys


If you’ve never had a big sister before, I highly recommend it- she’s someone I can always count on, someone I can tell literally anything, but best of all, someone who will never let me take the fall by myself ❤️❤️


I guess you could say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this throw 😉 13.38 m #ouch


The best part of the winter season is the last 15 minutes of practice when I pretend it’s the spring season 😭#discus #Moldybreaddisc #whydoesthesnowkeepfalling


This is your 4th birthday that we’ve shared together and all I can say is that it’s unbelievable that I fell in love with my best friend. 😁 You are such a strong independent young woman and I’m lucky to be a part of your life. Happy 19th birthday Lys 😁❤️


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