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met ari 13/6/17♡

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look closely in the first pic and you can see my messed up eyes 👀


mosques always wow me.
Sending all my love and strength to Somalia I wish there was a way we could actually do something to help out 🇸🇴💙

Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii)

Istanbul 🇹🇷📍 thanks mum for this amazing trip




beach please 🌊🐙


world peace please?

Auckland, New Zealand

still doesn’t love me (crying)


Dear Maile,
OMFG UR FINALLY NOT 10 ANYMORE I MEAN 13... dude I have no idea what to write for you because we have had so many experiences together and I don’t know which to choose but I’ll choose something anyways! Holy shit I can’t choose one dude omg! Ok nvm so remember when last year we were listening to Cash Me Outside and you were rapping so loud and the music was so so loud and that bitchy teacher came out and said “excuse me can you keep it down some of us are trying to work here” and we just couldn’t stop laughing 😂 wait wait remember at the Ellie Goulding concert when those drunk guys were taking selfies with you and stuff and then those rude ass women behind us telling us to put our posters down. Omg or when us and Ale were on omegele with the guitar guy and he thought I was a girl 😂😂 lmao all the times we used to rap Only together I can’t 😌 or when we stayed at Isabella’s and put the Furby in the elevator and scared the shit out of everyone. Or the countless times in SLL when I was acting crazy af and just being such a weirdo and attacking you hahahaah🤡 dude I love u v much and I hope you stay for a while longer cause these 4 years together have been bomb. Even when we get pissed at each other and make up 2 seconds later ❤️ I’m so happy to have such an amazing best friend who gets me and just straight up is the bomb. Thanks for always being here for me especially during my bad points!! And thanks for helping me with not being depressed about 🙈... and I just want you to know I will continue to love and support u until u die which means... ur gonna have to spend some time without that love and support since I’ll die before you. I’m still really annoyed we couldn’t be together for the Ariana concert tho... but yeah thanks for always listening to me when I need to rant and stuff. But honestly so excited for tonight and I hope u have a gr8 day doing 2 tests 😂😌‼️ love u so so so much I can’t explain... but yeah I don’t actually have any cringey photos of us cause I got rid of most of my photobooth suff and deleted a bunch of my pics for the Ari concert so I’m gonna put this one from the photo shoot cause we both look pretty okay which is weird cause

The American School of Barcelona

mahal kita 🌱‼️💭❤️