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Yesterday was one of the hottest days ever recorded in LA. It was 118 degrees at our house yesterday and over 105 today. So in honor of that I am posting this picture of me and Camper in the snow. Because that is all we are wishing for right now. 😁🐶🔥. Also real quick. Look at the size of his paw. Now it makes so much sense how fast he is at running in the snow. He has literal built in snow shoes. What a guy.


We bought this piano last week for a 150 bucks. And it’s sounds so good. When I played it in the thrift store I knew I had to buy it. We already have an electric one in my office but there is something special about this one. At first Kristin didn’t really know if she wanted it. She didn’t not like it, but just needed to get used to it in the house. Kinda how I was with her haircut, at first I was so shocked because she looked like a different person, but now I LOVE IT 😍 So now that the piano is in the house she love it too and plays it all the time. More than me even! That’s because this week I have been giving her piano lessons - I do a little lesson out of a kids piano book and then teach her a song and a new chord. Now she can play heart and soul with me as a duet. It’s a pretty fun bonding experience. She is a really fast learner! 🎶💛


You are an incredible wife Kristin. I don’t know if you guys know this, but she holds it down. She makes the paper (and spends the paper 😅 jk equal paper is spent), keeps the house in perfect order, organizes our entire life business/financial and domestic life. And looks like a runway model while doing it. Oh, and puts up with me, so..She is a super wife. Like I struck gold. All of these things from the outside are so impressive. They make life fun, and enjoyable, and they look like all the things you could ever ask for in a wife. But ultimately, these things don’t make life worth while. What does, is the heart. And that is where I really struck gold. She is compassionate, thoughtful, and full of grace and forgiveness and love for Jesus. Without these things a relationship can grow stale so quickly. But her heart, is her foundation. And I know I have built our relationship upon solid rock that cannot be shaken. Thank you for having an amazing heart Kristin. That is what makes this relationship worthwhile. Everything else is a cherry on top.


He missed. But we were so close. #ad All good though, because I have an entire pack of @extragum chewy mints to perfect the shot. Also, @cody has been taking time to give me guitar lessons. I think he doesn’t mind helping me because I have paid him a fortune in mints 🤔 #giveextragetextra But seriously, just zoom into that perfect placement of that chewy mint right in the tiny place between his nose and upper lip. It doesn’t get better for a photo.


Our new YouTube intro and Jingle I made! 😄🙌. What do you think? 📸 @jonsams


Yeah. I wear high socks and shoes to the beach. That’s my freakin swag. What up? Oh, you are bare foot when you go to the beach? Well guess what. Ever heard of sea glass? Did you know it isn’t naturally occurring? I always thought it was just natural green pebble rocks. And it was so cool to me. I used to collect them. All the other kids would search for the swirly shells. Not me. Give me the green sea glass. Then one day someone said why are you collecting that crap? It’s just a bunch of broken beer bottles. And that was the day my dreams were crushed into a thousand bits like the heineken beer bottle glass bits I had been collecting all this time like a fool. Then Kristin cut her foot on some sea glass a couple years back and she has a scare from it to this day. So yeah. I wear shoes. Mostly cause that’s my freakin swag. But also the off chance sea glass can cut your foot.


#ad Me and @kristinjohns are at the point in our relationship where we straight up tell each other “your breathe is stank”. Like first thing in the morning, haven’t said anything to each other, the one person will start talking and the other person just stops them and says, “it’s out of control, you need to do something about that.” We Just bust out laughing knowing it’s so true. Now that we have a bunch of Extra Chewy Mints at the house we don’t have to say anything anymore thanks to @extragum. We just pass each other a mint. And that is what true love looks like. Telling the other person it’s time to freshen up with a tiny simple gesture. #giveextragetextra


London is a gem. So much history it’s mind blowing. This church we were at in this picture was originally built in 1100 and rebuilt 4 different times. And not a single person was in it. 🤯🧐😄 Actually there was one elderly lady who was there. And she asked me if I knew how old the church was. I recited the exact thing I just wrote with a couple other forgotten details and she was so impressed. She said “Wow your a smart young fellow, I have been looking for a sign everywhere, thank you!” So I made sure to not move until she walked away so she couldn’t see I was blocking the sign I had just read 3 seconds before she asked me. It feels really bad when you let down the elderly. But anyways, there are literally thousands of places like this all around London. Little secrets to find. Glad we found this one, and will have to find a bunch more on our next trip back. #RoyalLondon #ad


Me and Kris are in London🇬🇧! We are having a great time in the parks. Feeding squirrels. Learning random things like: The Queen owns all the swans that live in the country. Cool right? We are total tourists. Just stopping in random places and taking pictures. Constantly asking for directions. But seriously, the people here are so nice!! ❤️🇬🇧 One thing that was really bad happened while we were here though... Kristin found a grey hair on my head😮👴🏻. But that’s not London’s fault 😂. #RoyalLondon #ad


Me and @kristinjohns are coming back in a big way! One year ago today we started our couple channel. Starting this year we are going to kick things off with a fresh start and really post a lot on there! So get ready guys, it’s gonna be a crazy ride🤘. It’s going to be our fun Little TV show 📺. Very excited to start this journey with you tiny! You’re a the best partner a guy could ask for 🤠.


When we heard @AshleyHomeStore was going to restyle my office I got so excited. Finally, my own space to myself. 2 days into the completion I quickly realized that it has just become another place for the dogs to claim as their bed/living space. And this is my own fault 😂 I love these hounds too much. But on the real, I must say I have been extremely productive ever since having my own space to work. So watch out world, Productive Marcus is here 💪🏻. If you want to enter to win our home office space, check out @ashleyhomestore Instagram


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**Caption Update** I have deleted about 2 thousand comments In the last 2 hours. People told me to just disable the comments. But there is no honor in that.
Then Kristin just told everyone to comment on this post a couple minutes ago. And it is going to be really sad when I delete all of those comments and make her look like a (read these quotes with a old British accent from the Middle Age era) “powerless fool!” But some things must be done. ✅
**Caption Update**
I have deleted another 2 thousand comments. It has taken me all that I have. It was a long and hard fought battle. But I have wiped them all out. A mighty and powerful instagram comment king I have become. But yet, it feels, empty. I sit on my throne on my castle on top of the hill alone. I have deleted all that I love for mere pride. I have become a tyrannical king. Now I understand. I must be humble in victory, but graceful in defeat. I relinquish my control and will now allow my noble Queen @kristinjohns to rule this land of comments.