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Photo by @MichaelGeorge | I was born in Decatur, Georgia, and ever since I moved to the Northeast I have yearned to share stories and scenes from the South. It is a mystical, heavy, and vociferous place. Down a dusty dirt road near Charleston, South Carolina, there is an ancient, droopy tree known as the Angel Oak. Her branches dive in and out of the earth like a serpent in the ocean. Early one morning I arrived to take her portrait. She holds the title of the oldest tree east of the Mississippi River and is thought to be one of the oldest living things in the entire United States. It is estimated that this southern live oak is at least 400 to 500 years old. #angeloak #treeportrait #grandmotherwillow #oaktree #oak


Video by @bertiegregory | A grey wolf howls on the west coast of the Hudson Bay, Canada. This particular wolf is part of a pack that takes on polar bears—the only pack in the world known to do this. This pack was bold, but whenever they came over to investigate us, we felt zero aggression, just curiosity. We humans have done terrible things to wolves. It’s thought that in 1600, there were two million wolves in North America. Due to 400 years of systematic extermination, there are now just 80,000. There is hope, though: they are on the comeback, but they still need us to stop persecuting them. These top predators keep herbivore populations in check, allowing countless other species to thrive. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures #wild_life #animals #wolves #wolf #snow


Photo by Mohd Khorshid | All of us know that the cheetah is one of the fastest animals on the planet, but not everyone knows about the tear marks. The tear marks as seen on this cheetahs eye help to reflect the glare of the sun when they are hunting during the day so they can stay focused. I documented this moment in Tanzania during my safari trip in the Ngorongoro reserve. This cheetah was one of two cheetahs hiding behind the tree it was watching me behind the branches so I decide to concentrate on the black tear with the branch textures to make this image come to life. #YourShotPhotographer


Natalie Glaze and Zanna van Dijk met because of Instagram. Today, they’re the #founders of Stay Wild Swim (@staywildswim), a sustainable swimwear brand designed and stitched in London.

The pair’s deep connection to sustainability and the ocean inspired them to start the company together. But neither had a formal background in fashion. “For us, there was so much bliss in the naiveté of just beginning our business,” explains Zanna. “We started out not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into and gave it a go — and the next thing you know, we’re in up to our necks.” 🌊✨ In our limited series #founders, we’re sharing the stories of amazing small business owners from all over the world. A new episode will be available every Saturday until Christmas. To see even more #founders stories, check out @instagramforbusiness


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📸 Photo by: @me.and.leila
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“Do you believe that dogs with one blue eye and one brown eye can see both heaven and earth at the same time?” writes @2blackdogsview


Ear to the streets 👂🏻

2nd Avenue Bike Lane

#FotoDelDía | Un niño juega con una palangana vacía después de que su madre y su abuela hayan completado la colada. En este pequeño departamento, en el primer suburbio de alta densidad de Zimbabue, Mbare, tres generaciones de mujeres y niños se reúnen en la habitación donde estudian, ríen y duermen.
📸 @nicholesobecki


#Repost @natgeoyourshot

Underwater Flight | Photograph by Eduardo Lopez Negrete
"A massive school of mobula rays gather off the coast of Bahia Magdalena in Californa Sur, Mexico. We first encountered them at the surface, but pretty soon they dove down to about 60 feet," remembers #YourShotPhotographer Eduardo Lopez Negrete. "It was pretty hard keeping up with them from the surface, let alone dive down on a quick breath of air to try to capture a glimpse of this very beautiful sight."

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December Spotlight: Underwater
Dive into the water, being carefree and leisurable.
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