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My favorite testimonies are when people get off medication! #happydiet .
“Thank you for your help! I love Keto Adapted and all Maria’s ideas. I’ve only been Keto for 5 months but went off my antidepressants 450 mg of Wellbutrin per day and lost 30 pounds!
Thank you again!”
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Down over 10 pounds in a week on The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse! Way to go! “Good Morning Peeps!! Happy Sunday!! So week 1 is in the books, well after my meals today week 1 will officially be in the books lmao. Weighed in and down 10.4 lbs in my first week of #the30dayketogeniccleanse 😲🤗 for real, is this happening? I am behind impressed with myself for ticking to synch an amazing cleanse created by @mariaemmerich! Here's to another 3 weeks and more!!!! “
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If you do not have an Instant Pot yet, I have to tell you, I am not a gadget girl and I adore my slow cooker. However, the Instant Pot was easy to fall in love with. It is also has a slow cooker mode! .

But on days when I forget to plan ahead, I can make a delicious meal in minutes in my Instant Pot AND it doesn't heat up the house in the Summer! Find inspiration for #ketoinstantpotrecipes on the new account @ketoinstantpotrecipes
Find my top 10 Instant Pot picks here: (clickable link in profile 👍)
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This lovely woman came to my book signing last year @luvicecreamllc and since has LOST over 100 pounds!!!! Off all medication and says she has never ate such delicious food! .
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What a perfect day! I’m so grateful for the love and luv ice cream at the Book Signing today ❤️❤️❤️ .
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I had the great please of meeting @mariaemmerich at @luvicecreamllc today!
She was my very first Keto inspiration, and I was definitely babbling a little bit because I was so excited to talk with her!
I love her focus on each awesome benefit of ketogenic eating, her incredible recipes, and her awesome Keto story.
Happy Saturday, I hope it’s beautiful!
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“Hi Maria. I want to give you feedback on my journey with “the Maria way”. It is absolutely amazing. I’m 67 years old, yo-yo’d dieted all my life and never ever got rid of my “fat clothes”....until now. My closet is pretty bare, but filled with size 8 clothes and my size 14/16s are all listed for sale at Goodwill. I’m that confident that I can maintain this WOE. .
Honestly, I followed the meal plans in your book The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse for about 21 days and then left for Mexico, where we stayed for the winter. I ate tons of fresh seafood and cooked your recipes. No scale, so I monitored my progress by how my clothes fit. The weight just fell off me, almost like magic. No tummy or belly fat, which I find amazing. I’ve weighed the same weight as an adult before, but I’ve never been a size 8. I assume that that’s due to the inflammation in my body going down. WOW. I’m amazed. .
Thank you for your help with my Health Assessment! I feel like the supplements you recommended helped so much with the transition AND I finally sleep at night with your recommendations." Connie
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Who wants to come over for my Keto Pumpkin Cream cheese muffins? I made extra!
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"Hi Maria! I wanted to give you an update of how you changed my whole family's life!
To date, I lost over 100 lbs (and counting). My now five-year-old us better than normal. She reads and writes at THE FIRST GRADE level! When I changed my diet, all of a sudden her interest in food changed towards the types of food that I ate. Her favorite is your keto "Yum-tella waffles."
My husband no longer needs statins and I am completely off my Diabetes meds!
I love the fact that we share soooo many common interests: kids, cooking, keto, exercise (I was a BIG athlete too).
Have a great day. Thank you for your amazing books!"
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12 years ago I made a recipe for Keto Tuna “noodle” casserole using Hearts of Palm. @palmini_pasta made linguine shapes with it and it is sooooo good!!!! .
Check it out here: (clickable link in profile 👍)
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Are you a visual learner like me? I made a YouTube video of my #keto Biscuits and Gravy!
If you haven’t tried them yet, you are in for a real treat! Many say they are the BEST Biscuits and Gravy they have ever had!
Find my video on my blog 👍
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“This is for Maria. I’m reading The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse Book, tears of graditude. You are an inspiration for me! Really, really reading it , like, I never saw all the words of health wisdom...this is my “Health Bible"... you were put in my life exactly when I thought I would not see my 68th Birthday next Monday. Thank you. I have a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes. My Keto Journey has only begun. I spent my whole life knowing in my heart there had to be a way for me to eat, without guilt, a way for me to be healthy, a way for me to feel alive, YOU, are my way ... you are my light, you helped me to live. .
I am off heart meds, diabetic meds, healed my liver, thyroid has been made smaller in size, no neck pain from it anymore, my joints are pain free. I have the energy of a 30 year old. .
My friends said they saw death at my door last year. I’m alive and going to live until I choose to go! There are not enough words to tell you both how valuable you are for me and all...your big Keto Family! Love you, Bless you. .
Alive in Arizona because you cared enough to share yourselves with the World!” Sue S. .
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What little boy wouldn’t want a Keto Turtle for his birthday dinner? 🤣 🐢🐢🐢 .
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