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. . a little mild today for a nice short walk to the pond; a Crane just Lift Off to the Sky.


..of Course it is ..It's January in the Northeast!

5 was in the very late of the night after working on multiple projects; I settled down with my favorite Vitamin beverage; checked my mail, then a Thought came, * I know; I'll play on the Guess App of what You draw; So in doing my Search you See to the Right Side of Me; THis is the Message I received from the Game App. hmmmm.


Thoughts b.mariie.


.. the Light at the End of the Tunnel .mmm; But sometimes it could be a Train


.. ALL ABROAD!!!!!!!


.When they mean everything to you; tell them that they are valued; tell them how much you really care; tell them of all their strengths; tell them that you have faith, tell them that they are important; tell them that you would miss their company; tell them tell them that they make you happy, tell them that they are so beautiful; remind them, remind them, remind them; everyday, day or night, rain or shine, If or When; no it's not overwhelming; it's the good way of life, Because they're your everything; they're your Friend. .marie.


"Life should Never be Boring" ..jk..Nor should it ever be out of hot water for your Bath.; And of course it's Not real fur; Come on; I have Four Rescues!!

10 Doodle. Just something I felt like making for myself