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Dreaming of being in a place like this #vacation #moodoftheday #carribean


Today's World Ocean Day and lately I've come across an absurd amount of videos and photos from all over the world where you'd see plastic polluting the water and wildlife. It's scary and confusing to think about how places we've travelled in the past suffer from tourism and that you've been a part of the problem for so many years. This shot was taken on Nusa Lembogan ages ago. Now it's as thriving and touristic as ever and from what I've heard and seen struggles with the effects of that kind of popularity with tourists. Let's all keep in mind that we're super privileged to travel those places and let's try to keep them as beautiful and clean as we've found them. #worldoceansday #bali #nusalembongan #keepplasticoutoftheocean ✌️


Second shot of an underwater set we did with the boys from @poleit last weekend. I'm stoked how the photos turned out to look. @jozzy_fight was being a great mermaid. 🤘 #uwphotography #underwater #underwaterphotography #portfolio @sonyalpha @wildes_reiskorn #whpshine #sonyrxmoments


Shooting underwater has always got some weird hidden potential. Sometimes when I'm down there I see images that look like scenes from fantasy films. Here's one of those images. With the boys from @poleit we created a beautiful set of shots this weekend. More coming soon! #underwater #swimwear #uwphotography #portfolio @sonyalpha #whpshine #sonyrxmoments


@mona.sha.m rocking the @nike pro hijab #portfolio #sport #picoftheday styling: @hvala_ilija


@vikiwolffhardt giving 100% during training #wildwater #kayaking #sports #portfolio


We found @outstandingideon at Donauinsel pumping iron and really had to have him in our fashion editorial! 👓: @hvala_ilija for @biber_mitscharf #fashion #portfolio #mitscharf #pictureoftheday


@hvala_ilija and myself went on a fashion shoot casting models at Donauinsel - soon to come @biber_mitscharf @biber_newcomer #newwork #portfolio #fashion #people #portraitphotography


NEW WORK | I shot @vikiwolffhardt in some stormy waters during her training in Vienna #sports #underwaterphotography #wildwater @ikelite @sonyalpha @redbullaustria #reportagespotlight


Still frame from a little video we shot for @caritaswirhelfen x @hood___style x @traktorwien
Go buy this scarf at Caritas Shop and donate to the people in need when it's too cold outside. Thanks @gregorgrkinic @jozzy_fight @sophiexfrank @iam.rxthless for getting up so early on a Sunday 🤘


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