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Sweden has had a good winter. Happy to spend some time in the snow (and lucky we could open the door). Next heading to Norway - where the winter has been the best in decades... #sunday #snow #arctic #north #sweden #natgeocreative #passionphotography

STF Helags Fjällstation

Happy Friday. The start of a journey?

Rushes from last week's escape to Helags in Swedish Jämtland.
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Excited to be heading back to Son Doong next year, on a photo expedition you can join!
I've teamed up with @zoomphototours and @oxalisvietnam to open up a new genre of photo trips - a bit tougher than 5-star hotels. Real expedition style. This will be a real expedition to the largest cave in the world, like the one we did for @natgeo back in 2015. Long days, living in a tent, spiders and bugs - but lots of epic photography together.

We will trek, light up and capture the largest caverns on the planet together.

The trip isn't cheap, and it sure won't be comfy in many ways. But I can tell you from experience it really is the experience of a lifetime.

We have room for 10 participants, and the first seat is already taken. Follow the link in my bio to read more (right now just in Swedish, but English coming soon!) The trip is open to anyone from anywhere that can take on the journey.

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Hang Sơn Đoòng

Storsylen in northern Sweden. Our mountains aren't that tall, but they can pose quite a challenge anyway. Especially in winter.

Can you make out the climbers?

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Waking up in this place is something special. This is Gåsen, a remote mountain cabin in the northern mountain ranges of Sweden.

I'm extremely grateful to live in a country with respect for nature and our wilderness; where preserving the wild beauty we have is a priority. Thinking of the recent encroachments of protected habitats in the US, I'm proud that Sweden's National Parks stay protected as always.

Also incredibly grateful to have organisations like @stfturist who keep the wilderness open to the public, by managing a vast network of mountain cabins in the wild throughout our country's most remote places.

Access to the wilderness for all is not be taken for granted.

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#sweden #natgeocreative #stfturist


In recognition of International Women's Day (a bit late, I know), a photograph of the strongest one I know. Many of the good principles and values that define me today I've honestly just copied from her.

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Feeling small is important. It gives you respect for your situation as well as reflection on your own abilities. And your place in nature - as a fragile creature in an unyielding environment.

When out and about in the mountains, you get to appreciate the massive forces at play - often in rapid succession. We just had everything from heavy winds and -20°C to sunshine and calm over a short three day trip.

And sadly, in the last few days we witnessed proof of that some people simply don't have this respect - and put themselves in way more danger than they even seem to understand. Risking their lives by going alone through the mountains, without the skills or gear to make it through anything but sunshine.

It got me thinking a lot. Me and my teammates, most often @katjaado, almost always head into adventures over-prepared. But I can't deny that some objective dangers always lurk around the corner, or under the snow.

What's your line?

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Few modes of transport feel more alive than dog mushing. Though largest in Alaska, where it's been an essential part of winter travel for centuries, there's also a large dog mushing community in the Nordics - above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Throwback to our shoot with the Huskies, @annaflorencienorman and @ivarsthlm for @nikoneurope the other year. Being along for the ride with these strong dogs is quite something.

Excited to be back in the mountains soon again.

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Poikkijärvi, Norrbottens Län, Sweden

The company is what makes the journey. I can't imagine life without you.

Happy birthday to my best friend and partner!
#tbt to a highlight in my life, when @katjaado proposed upon a large stalagmite (I said yes). #love

Hang Sơn Đoòng

Nothing like a Greenland fjord to confuse your sense of perspective. Can you spot our ship?

And those are actually quite small icebergs... @auroraarktika parked close to the Bluie East Two, an American military base abandoned in 1947.

#greenland #ilovegreenland


Spending time on the frozen lakes of Stockholm, you can find evidence of wildlife everywhere. Like these fox tracks, running between several islands.

It's great to imagine how the ice not only opens up the sea for us humans, but actually makes it possible for foxes, deer and other animals to go places they could never swim. I just wonder how often they get stuck out there, when the ice suddenly shifts? Cause some of these islands with tracks leading to them are very small, and very isolated... I kind of want to survey all these tracks and get a big map of the foxes-on-ice network of routes.

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