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Material Obsession is a lifestyle. #msgdodecagonquilt #getthemix @materialobsession


So this is Friday night! #msgdodecagonquilt and loving it @msg47 #getthemix @materialobsession


People often ask me how I see fabric. My #soulsearching quilt has been my base line visual for explaining fabrics. Happy to be sharing it with @waquilters in a few weeks. Pattern in #makingquilts #getthemix @materialobsession


@annamariahorner #crosscountryquilt pattern using her templates and our mix of fabrics....want to make this? Join us for the workshops! #gonnabefun


Add a day to a creative recipe and join @materialobsession as we host workshops with @annamariahorner the 11 and/or 12 June. #getthemix of colour and design. Talk to me about it!


Plenty of wonderful @jenkingwell products @materialobsession today Taking my mind off the job at hand! #beachroad #getthemix


Check out @kljohn31 To see the progress on #gelatorosebom pattern by Sue Cody. We are wrapping up our current BOM program next month but with beauties like this you’ll want to stay tuned for 2018-19 programs! @materialobsession #getthemix #moboms


Pausing this morning to reflect on this quilt as a reminder of my breast cancer experience now that I have been “dismissed” from medication after 5 years. Life does go on. #hopehammock from #mixingquiltelements


Just a little change of pace for an evening .... #mrspeachtemplates by @msg47 #disregardduty #getthemix @materialobsession #materialobsessionkits


Meet @suerosspatchways in the latest @quiltmaniaeditions or meet her in person @materialobsession ... workshop this Saturday! Call for details 98196455 it will be loaded with great fabric ideas! #materialobsessionworkshops


Immerse yourself in all that is @annamariahorner... colour, texture, perspective... humanity. Two full days. All you need to know is at Materialobsession.com.au so come share the experience! @freespiritfabric


Happy to be back with my gals @materialobsession and the everevolving #takingshapesworkshop today. With @penelope.coombes @designcolourquilt @chantswalker and the rest of the gang fill in your tags! #getthemix


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