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Throwback to a great memory from last year in Yosemite National Park. I’ve taken in sunset from this spot on multiple occasions over the last 6 years, and every time I go back I’m blown away. While I am trying more and more to stay away from these popular spots, I’m sure I’ll be back here next time I’m in Yosemite to once again re-live this feeling.

While I have your attention. Please, please do not light campfires in fire prone areas this summer. Although it may be technically legal to start a fire where you are, just don’t. It’s not worth the risk. These large fires going on right now are sparked from something, and while that’s often a natural cause, many are caused by poor fire habits of visitors to these areas. You will be warm enough with a jacket I promise 👍


Renee and I recently returned from a tiring but epic two and a half weeks in Alaska. We were tested with the weather, experiencing lots of rain and not great conditions for photography. There were fleeting moments of luck though... When we arrived at this gorgeous hut nestled in the Talkeetna Mountains we were in a white-out. This persisted throughout the night and nothing had changed when we rose from our tent the following morning. As luck would have it, as were cooking our morning meal and preparing to leave, the clouds separated for just a short moment. We scrambled, capturing as many images as we could. We watched as incoming clouds made their way up the valley which was a strong sign that it was about to get VERY white again... but things held off long enough for us to experience this moment of beauty that we won’t ever forget.

Taken on the @sonyalpha A7R III at 1/160, f6.3, ISO 160 #AlphaCollective


Who else loves the idea of cruising the mountains in a convertible? Renee and I have just returned from a couple of days with @MazdaUSA doing just that in their 2019 MX5 Miata! It was a blast feeling the wind through our hair as we drove from Eugene Oregon, past Bend, Mt Rainier and finally up to Seattle.
It was a sad morning today having to give up the keys, but I’m looking forward to sharing some more images from the trip with you guys 🤙🏻#FeelAlive #MiataSummer #MX5 #ad


We’re in the middle of summer backpacking season and loving every minute. That being said, after spending almost every summer deep in the mountains, @reneeroaming and I always crave a quick escape to warmer parts of the world as winter begins to sets in.

This year, we have partnered with @hopper to head to Tulum, Mexico to celebrate our anniversary, beach style! Hopper is a convenient travel app that helps you find the best deals on flights and accommodation for your next trip. Swipe up on my stories (or click the link in my bio) to download the app and check it out for yourselves🌴✈️


One of my favorite things about the outdoors is the people you get to share the experiences with. I love a good solo trip, it gives you space to think and breathe... but nothing brings me more joy than sharing moments like these with the ones I love. @eddiebauer #LiveYourAdventure #WhyIHike #EBContributor


I took this image during a beautiful sunrise on the cliffs of Grampians National Park in Australia. This is a place that I never visited in the whole 25 years that I lived in Australia, and for some reason it took a visit back to Australia for a family event for me to finally make it there. It’s funny how often we can overlook those beautiful places close-by to chase those beautiful lands thousands of miles away.
Taken handheld on the @sonyalpha A7RII at 1/160 - f9 - ISO200 #AlphaCollective


This was one of those moments of profound gratefulness and pride. 10 years ago I started to come across images of incredible locations from all over the world on the internet. Eventually, this lead to Renee convincing me to spend a LOT of money to travel from Australia to South America where we spent 2 months. Here, I caught the “travel bug”. Fast forward a bit and I fell in love the idea of hiking and camping. We had a trip coming up that we had saved for, and planned to spend 3 months road-tripping the USA. We would fly from Australia to Los Angeles and begin our journey which eventually would end in New York. Before this trip, I purchased a cheap DSLR camera to capture better images of our adventures. Prior to even leaving for the trip, I had upgraded to a much better camera. I was now in love with photography.

Those 3 months around the US really cemented my love for hiking, camping and photography... and lead us on a course that eventually had us traveling to the US and Canada to hike, camp and do photography each of the next 2 summers, and then moving to the US when we were presented the opportunity 3 years ago.
Since then, we have both found a way to make our passion for the outdoors and photography the fuel that feeds up both mentally and financially. Sitting on this ledge I remembered looking at photos of this incredible mountain (Mount Rainier) from Melbourne Australia, 8000 miles away and dreaming about one day taking in these views in person.
Dreams can come true. Don’t let others tell you otherwise. With enough work, determination and a bit of luck you can change your world.

The only limit to success is your willingness to try harder.

@eddiebauer #LiveYourAdventure #WhyIHike #EBContributor


One of my favorite spots on the east coast (and the US in general) is Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina. The way that the light interacts with the many layers of hills is something that takes your breath away. I really hope to make it back for fall sometime, I’m sure it’s incredible! Has anyone else here been to GSMNP? I don’t see it around here on Instagram much for how popular it is.


The stoke is high and I’m really looking forward to exploring more of my new home state (Washington) this year. Anyone else have a lot of camping trips planned for this summer?


Here is another image that I haven’t shared with you guys yet from our most recent trip to Iceland in March 2017. I love this photo as I feel it portrays perfectly a sense of how wild, unforgiving and beautiful Iceland is in the winter. Also, I love the way the road just stretches on and on through this great white openness. I still haven’t decided if I enjoy Iceland in the winter or summer more yet... what do you guys who have visited think?


Have you ever walked by a flower that caught your eye and wondered what it was? Well, now there’s an app for that! Don’t be like me before I got @plantsnap - standing under a tree for 30 minutes, flicking through to try and match all of the details of the tree or flower to a picture from the book... instead, take a picture of the plant and the app will tell you what it is automatically! Wish I had known about this before I wasted about 10 hours of my life last year staring up and down between my book and a tree 🤔 P.S. check out my stories if you’re interested in Renee teasing me for staring at trees on the National Parks road trip last year 🤷🏻‍♂️ #sponsored #PlantSnap


I’m excited to announce that I have recently joined the Sony Alpha Collective team. After attending their recent Kando 2.0 event, I couldn’t be more stoked to represent a company whose camera gear I have used to create all of my work over the last two years. @sonyalpha are continually pushing the envelope when it comes to modern camera capabilities and I’m excited to be a part of this team moving forward.

This image was taken in Iceland on my trusty Sony A7R II with the Sony FE 16-35 f4 lens. Settings were 0.8 second exposure at f9, 100 ISO. We set up the tripod and triggered the shutter wirelessly. #AlphaCollective