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I’m excited to announce that I have recently joined the Sony Alpha Collective team. After attending their recent Kando 2.0 event, I couldn’t be more stoked to represent a company whose camera gear I have used to create all of my work over the last two years. @sonyalpha are continually pushing the envelope when it comes to modern camera capabilities and I’m excited to be a part of this team moving forward.

This image was taken in Iceland on my trusty Sony A7R II with the Sony FE 16-35 f4 lens. Settings were 0.8 second exposure at f9, 100 ISO. We set up the tripod and triggered the shutter wirelessly. #AlphaCollective


Iceland is the land of fire and ice. I didn’t see any fire on my second visit to this incredible country, but I sure did see a lot of ice! We loved the perspective that the drone gave us on the glaciers and being able to see the amazing shapes and formations that make up these giants from above.


Myself and @reneeroaming have had an opening for 1 person to join our Alaskan 6 day wilderness hiking adventure. Lake Clark was one of our favorite National Parks of the whole year in 2017, and we’re so stoked to get back there from July 24-29 to see even more of this incredibly beautiful place. This is a guided trip lead by a professional in Alaskan backcountry trips.

If you would like to secure that last spot shoot myself or Renee a message and we’ll get you the pricing info etc. Stoked to see you guys out there 🤘🏻


When you find that special person, you hold on to them. So lucky to call this one my adventure buddy and wife. Thanks for always posing awkwardly in front of lots of people and not complaining while I keep promising after every photo that it’s the last one 🤓 Anyone else do this hahaha?


Travel tip number 23 - always make your travel buddy do the dangerous things. It’s the key for a long and healthy life ☺️ This was taken on a quick adventure to the Grampians National Park which is a couple of hours west of Melbourne, Australia.

Would you stand on this ledge? Or would you make your travel buddy do it? 🤷🏻‍♂️


Driving down these winding Wyoming roads... where they go is up for you to find out. We often take these dirt roads when traveling just to find what’s at the end. More and more I feel like travel is becoming planned and almost like a checklist, so it’s nice to break the mold and try to find some new places that maybe aren’t on everyone else’s checklists just yet 👌What’s your favorite thing that you have found at the end of an unknown dirt road? I think for me it was coming across an awesome trailhead in Colorado that lead to some absolutely beautiful backcountry hikes over the years 👌


Iceland has a way of making you feel small, but welcome at the same time. There’s some parts of the world I’ve been that when conditions are insane, it feels like the place is trying to break you... force you out... but for some reason with Iceland, to me it just feels like the nature gods are just throwing another adventure your way ✌🏻 How many of you guys have been to Iceland?


I had this image taken of @reneeroaming in Redwoods National and State Parks make it on the cover of Lonely Planet spring edition recently. Super stoked to make the cover of a publication I’ve used for many years 🤘🏻What’s everyone getting up to this weekend? About to head out the door now for some adventures, check my story later today to follow along!


Iceland has the most photogenic little buildings. Well, maybe the scenery surrounding them helps a little 😉 It definitely also helps when geothermal areas nearby help to create a killer atmosphere like this. Iceland truly is a photographers paradise.


Spring is one of my favorite times in the PNW. The greens start popping and the mountains start to become a bit more accessible. We found this beautiful barn and asked the owners for permission to take some photos. Loved the perfect lines leading to a cute red barn and the snow capped Hood in the distance, such a beautiful sunset view!


Sorry for going ghost the past week, @reneeroaming and I have just returned from a week long trip with her parents to show them around Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Always a blast showing people we love the places that we hold so dear.
This shot was taken a little further south in Rocky Mountain National Park. Dude was happy to pose for me for a moment before wondering off ❤️


Hey guys! I've recently returned from a quick trip down from Seattle to Oregon and back with @arcticzone. Renee and I had a blast first exploring the moody PNW coast, then Bend and finally the Olympic Peninsula. I've posted some of my favorite images from the trip on my stories - go check those out and let me know what you think! #LifeWellChilled #sponsored P.S. @arcticzone will be giving away a bunch of Titan coolers just before May 24 weekend! Visit the link in my bio to learn how to enter!