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@theweeknd 20 DAYS TO GO!


A new photo of yours truly, just in case y’all were worried about me not posting anything recent of myself lately. 😶


This is killing me! Hahahahaha! #TravisScott #LaFlame


ALBUM NUMBER 8! Tonight it’s time for a first-time listen of JAY-Z’s widely known classic #TheBlackAlbum! Only fitting considering today also marks it’s 14 year anniversary! At the time Jay announced that this would be his final record. To this day it has gone 3X PLATINUM with 3.5 million sales alone in the United States! The album would receive widespread critical acclaim: Pitchfork – 8/10
Rolling Stone – 4/5
Metacritic – 84/100 overall critics score, 87/100 overall user score. It would be heavily backed with the singles “Change Clothes”, “What More Can I Say”, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” & “99 Problems”. For the concept of the album Hov wanted to enlist a different producer for each song. Which he did for the most part. The album would later be heavily featured on the “Fade To Black” film, showing first-hand scenes into the making of the album, and a concert, where it would’ve been Jay’s retirement night featuring some of the greatest & biggest Hip-Hop stars in history to guest star in various performances with him throughout the night!


@theweeknd I will never forgive you for this! 🙄 #HouseOfBalloons #Trilogy #5YearsOfTrilogy


HAPPY 5 YEARS OF TRILOGY! Today marks five years since @theweeknd dropped a compilation of three mixtapes that were originally released in 2011. Two of which would go on to receive rave reviews & critical acclaim. “House Of Balloons”. “Thursday”. “Echoes Of Silence”. The projects incorporate a lot of dark druggy themes, from house parties to relationships. They are the true definition of intoxicating. Which is your favourite mixtape and overall song in the bundle? Personally mine has always gonna have to be the first release “House Of Balloons”! With the title track being my favourite! XO! #TheWeeknd #5YearsOfTrilogy #Trilogy #HouseOfBalloons #Thursday #EchoesOfSilence #XO #XOTilWeOverdose #XOTilWeOD #XOTWOD


😂😂😂😂😂 (credit to original poster @XOnews_ on Twitter)




@theweeknd is always speaking the truth. Icons and legends shape the industry and influence the minds of people. I believe Abel Tesfaye is exactly that. As much as his music isn't for the kids, his artistry and brilliance paint a lyrical picture unlike any other in modern music. He is a genius!


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