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I can't even begin to explain the love I have for this kid.

Plus - 6 hours old and is already lifting his head. Suck on that competition babies.





A few changes to the setup.

Starting to get ready to take on twitch!

What should I play?
Let me know down in the comments!!!


He legit thinks he is people.
Yet is scared shitless of the car seat directly behind me lol


2 more weeks and counting.
This poor dog has no idea what's coming his way.

Oh, and happy mother's day to my beautiful wife, and soon to be mom :)


This live stream, was honestly one of the most amazing and fun experiences ever.
Getting a chance to work with some AMAZINGLY talented people - like @alinitydivine , @miakhalifa and @tayloralesia was incredible.
Check out @pubgmobile Youtube page to watch!


This is our city. Our home.
Welcome to everyone, of every Creed and belief. This hit close to home - Emma and I lived at #yongeandsheppard for almost 5 years and only moved to Richmond hill a year ago.

We loved Avondale, we still consider it home. Made such amazing friends, of MANY different backgrounds and beliefs.

My heart is broken today, I'm angry, upset, emotional - but I stand strong as a Canadian, and adopted Torontonian.




5 more week!
Weirdest spring walk ever....
13c and snow? Really?


Guys.... It's a smart baby rocker.... Like it has an app and everything.

Thank you so much to all our amazing friends. This is such a wonderful gift.
Noah is so lucky to have you guys in his life.

@brigitto_d @dannyweavs @nicolaesw @ms.sarah.archdekin @jo.anna.mae


We made it!
6 mins off the record.

Thanks for the escape guys!


Easter fire.
Don't be jelly.

Kids say that right?


Aaaaand we're on the home stretch!
9 more weeks, then our entire world changes completely.

So. Excite! So. Terrified. Much anticipation.


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