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Someone was born camera ready it seems.

Live streaming when he can walk? Done.


"My name is Noah damnit, not Carlos!!!"


Better bring that heat @camp31bbq - I need to be impressed!


Like streaming setup is coming along... Just need to do a bit of cable work, and swap out that left monitor with something that matches.

But figured out audio, swapped out the cam to something bad ass and finally got the best possible mic position.

I think it'll work!

#battlestations #twitchstreamer #twitch


What do you mean I can't poop in the bath?


My heart is broken today, I've lost one of my idols.
Tony was litterally the person I wanted to emulate, his passion for life love of food and culture.

I know he was always battling his demons - he will be missed, but thankfully he will live on through his legacy.


My happy place - watching the NHL playoffs with my son on one arm, my dog on the other.

Sidenote - thank God for Google home, cause these hands are full and def couldn't text anyone.


I know it's just gas...
But dude, your gonna slay when older.


Soon there will be tech guys - I'm sorry.
I have a lot of new things to show and discuss - but, for now though.... Baby Noah.

Great picture @emjlefebvre. I think we'll be okay :)


I can't even begin to explain the love I have for this kid.

Plus - 6 hours old and is already lifting his head. Suck on that competition babies.