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Us 4 were in a band together way back when. 🎸 Here’s a shot from Friday night. Who would wanna see a reunion? 😝 I reckon we’d still get away with it. ✌🏻


Loving @thisisdiamante’s album, ‘Coming In Hot’. 🔥 I gave her a call during this week’s episode of the show to find out all about it. 📱 Listen in now on the @mainlymusicpod. 🎧
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I’ll never forget the first @NOFX song I ever heard. We picked my friend up in the car on the way to school one day and he gave my Mum a cassette to play. It was the album ‘Punk In Drublic’. It had just come out that year. (Do the math...) This album changed my life, I’m sure of it. 🙌🏻 Linoleum came on and that was it. Years later, I played it to one of my long term best mates and it made him wanna sing. Then we formed a band. Even more years later, we saw them again on Friday night for the umpteenth time, arms around each other shoulders, singing along. Nothing beats that. 👊🏻 #UnforgettableGig


It’s been a mad few weeks but I’ve just got round to putting together this little video from @greatescapefest. ☀️ 🎶 Live clips from @thexcerts, @weareyonaka, @ferrisandsylvestermusic & @thewanderingheartsmusic. ✌🏻
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A shot from @katyperry’s show last night. 🔥 She put a photo on screen of her wearing a #Lagwagon shirt. Tonight I’m seeing @NOFX. Tenuous dot joining there! ✌🏻 @o2music #UnforgettableGig


Turned out nice again! I’m at The O2 to see @katyperry. Big thanks to @o2music for the invite. ❤️ #UnforgettableGig


These guys are killing it at the moment. Check out @ferrisandsylvestermusic. 🎧


I gave @lindsayell a call to chat about #TheContinuumProject. 🎸 Hear the full conversation including how the album came about and how @johnmayer found out about it on this week’s bonus edition of the @mainlymusicpod. 🎧 #LindsayEll #JohnMayer


I’ve just finished watching @defiantonesfilm and it’s incredible. 😲 @kendricklamar is just one of a host of cameo appearances that tell stories about their time and respect for #JimmyIovine and @drdre. 👊🏻 If you’ve got Netflix, check it out. 📺 #TheDefiantOnes


Happy weekend, everyone! 🙌🏻 What are you guys doing? I’m gonna see family, sit by the pool, eat good food and drink good wine. 🍷 Might even take my jacket off. 🧥


Because there’s never a bad time to post a photo of @officialkeef. 🎸 What a guy. If you’ve got Netflix, check out ‘Under The Influence’. It’s so good. 👊🏻 I took this at the London Stadium a couple weeks back. 📷
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Here’s a little video I shot at @allpointseastuk. 🤗 Festival feels and music into the night from @thenational, @catpowerofficial & @futureislands. ☀️ Thanks to @samsunguk for having me. 👊🏻 #AllPointsEast


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